Available Dogs

Available dogs are vetted and up-to-date on all vaccines. We encourage you to select your new companion by considering each dog’s individual personality and pet qualities instead of relying on a certain look and feel. We always highly recommend putting in an application and getting approved before you see a dog and fall in love!

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Boo Boo was found locked up in an enclosure at a Texas panhandle recreational area without food or water. Every effort was made to try and find an owner with no luck. She appears to have been loved in her past life because she adores her foster dad and spends many hours at his feet as he works from his home office. Boo Boo loves to go in the truck, and can’t wait to be your ride or die buddy.

She walks at a perfect heel on the leash and has impeccable house manners. Boo knows basic commands and is completely house and crate trained. We are guessing she is a mix of BC/Aussie and Antolian Shepherd. She is being fostered in the Amarillo area but travel toward her forever family.

Hello everyone! My name is Willow the wild child and it’s lovely to meet you all! Let me tell you a little about myself - I’m a sweet girl who is looking for a home that’ll take me in and teach me that not all humans are bad. Someone willing to let me zoom around the backyard chasing a ball or another dog. Someone who likes cuddles in the evening and will give me all the yummy treats I deserve (which is all of them, I promise 👀).

I am around 1.5-2 years, up to date on all my yucky shots and fixed. I am around 35lbs and currently in the DFW area! I came to BCRR after being surrendered because I was spending too much time in my crate alone. I didn’t like that, I love people and other dogs too much for that! I’d love a home with another fur friend to help me fully come out of my shell and learn how to be a real dog again.

I need a little work on my leash training but my foster mom says I’m doing so much better than when she first got me! If you’re someone looking for a new adventure, a new friend to enjoy life with and a new friend to keep you active - I am the girl for you!!

Hello There! The name is Jet (Formerly known as ‘J-T’, from my shelter days). I am a lean, neutered, bouncy, approximately 2yo, 37lb border collie mix. My fosters at least say i am an Honorary Border Collie because of my coloring, tail floof and ears.

I am highly food motivated and am quick to learn. I am a huge snuggler and crave attention from my people. My foster dad believes I’d be great for a pre-teen to grow old with and learn new tricks!

I will quickly become a velcro dog to my person. My attachment is part of my personality, I’ve been abandoned a lot in my short lifetime and I have separation anxiety in the form of some excessive drooling. I am being managed with Fluoxetine and my foster parents have seen a drastic improvement with my anxiety since.

Though I know my kennel is a safe space and will readily go in, I can quickly make it a swamp too. Just remember to come back for me, okay? My foster parents think i would be best as the only dog in the home, but with the right experience, may get along fine with another dog around my size. Its a process sometimes but I get along well enough with my foster siblings. I just need time to adjust to change and do it gradually and if you are someone experienced with this, It may just work!

Because of my history of abandonment, I do some resource guarding that will need to continued to be worked with in my future home. Cats are definitely a no go though, as well as small dogs - They just look tasty! Other than that, I am known for getting some serious air time. Mom keeps saying I am a “Tigger”, with springs in my legs? I still haven’t figured out what that is or that I can go over things, including the baby gates in my house.

I can certainly jump to your level though! All i am saying is, just be patient with me and you’ll see what my foster parents see in me! I have a lot of potential!

RJ is an AMAZING, stunning boy who is 6 years old, good with other dogs, loves truck rides, cuddles and doing country dog things! His is a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix, weighs about 60 pounds.

He is always happy and ready for an adventure! RJ is an active dog who loves to be out and about doing things with his people. That could be walking through the woods, filling up deer feeders, playing in the pound with his dog friends or just going on walks.

He’s not a big fan of toys and isn’t good with free ranging chickens. He is food motivated! He can hang in there for a 3 mile walk or an all day adventure helping mow pastures.

At the end of the day he knows how to turn it off and settle down. He enjoys a good days work but has no complaints on takeing a break for a day or two every now and then! He doesn’t mind turning his body into a tiny ball just so he can sit in the same chair as you.

RJ was heartworm positive when he found his foster family. He helped many other foster dog get better and find their own home. He is now healthy, HW- and ready to find his forever people! The best fit for RJ will be a physically active lifestyle with people who can keep up with this very handsome, good boy!

Arrrr! Ahoy Matey I’m Colby Jack Sparrow, a cheesy landlocked pirate! My adventure started in Tulsa, where I was captured by animal control and was hours from walking the plank with a concrete collar!
Luckily the BCRRT lifeboat was there to save me and try to mend my pirate-y ways.
I’m a young lad at not quite a year and weigh in at 35 pounds. I am 100% potty trained and use the doggie door when I need to take care of business. At one point in my pirating days, I was beaten up badly, so I have a scar over my right eye…hence the name Jack Sparrow. My foster mom says it just adds to my rough hewn personality.
So far, I’ve learned to kennel, sit down and not jump up on the table and eat everything I think might be edible. I enjoy leash walks in the neighborhood, but loose leash walking is still a work in progress.
I do get along well with all the other dogs in my foster home, but it takes slow introductions for me to warm up to any dog. I can be rather rowdy, so a new home with children over 12 would be perfect! Also, I would do best in a home with no cats.
Colby-Jack Sparrow is fully vetted and healthy. If you would like a little pirate spice in your life apply!
Big Girls.. don’t cr-yi-yi (They don’t cry) ” - but they do bark and have lots of fun!
Hi I’m Chessy and I am looking for my perfect home! I am 13 weeks old and weigh 23 pounds, so I will be larger than your average Border Collie. The vet said I am possibly a BC/Great Pyrneese mix, so I will likely have traits from both sides of my family tree.
I am a smart girl who can already solve intermediate puzzles and have learned how to use the dog door at my foster home. I love being around other dogs and adore all people. The family that found me had horses and cattle and I did fine around both. My ideal home would have a large fenced area for me to roam around in and people who like to play fun games that keep my smart mind busy.
I currently love time spent in the air conditioned house playing with a variety of toys! I am too young to spay just yet, and am current on vaccines.
The sweet lady who found me and my siblings called me Gus – but that’s not really my name. My foster mom calls me EASY, or Puppy, and asks me every day to tell her my name, but I haven’t yet. I think I want to keep it a secret until my Forever Friend takes me home, and I’ll tell them my real name.
I am about 2 months old (closer to 3 by the time you take me home with you!) and weigh 18 pounds. I am a super EASY, fun, healthy, happy boy. My vaccinations are current and I’m too young to neuter. I am (mostly) potty trained, sleep through the night, not overly verbal (foster mom has only heard me bark or even cry a few times), l love people and dogs, everyone is my friend. I might even be good with cats if they are nice to me but that has not been tested. I am just all about playing and bouncing, eating and sleeping, and LOVING.
My vet friend says I have a PERFECT disposition. Foster Mom says I’m fun and EASY to train, just show me what you want, gently remind me, and pretty soon – I just do it! EASY! I am learning to ring a bell to go outside, to share toys, to sit and wait, and ride in a crate in the car. I do love to play so a home with puppy friendly dogs would be great fun for me.
I am thought to be a Border Collie/Aussie mix of medium size. If you think I am the dog friend you will love forever
Charlie is a smart, inquisitive, confident, healthy puppy. Born 6-19-2023 (estimated) and weighs 11 lbs. Thought to be a mini-Aussie/BC mix.
He's learned the house routines quickly and is doing well with potty training as long as he's offered many potty breaks during the day. He sleeps through the night in his crate, about 8-9 hours. Using a stuffed animal with a hearbeat for night-time has worked well.
He does not soil his crate. He is occasionally crated during the day for a few hours and does fine with that too. He loves following his people around. He will cuddle and likes to sit with me in the mornings, but he's a puppy so he mostly likes to be on the move.
Chew toys are a must to divert his attention from unwanted distruction. He's a puppy!  Charlie and our dog love to run, play and wrestle together. He's learned to sit for a treat and is very food motivated. Did I say he was smart? Charlie has the sweetest temperament and would be a wonderful family addition.
He needs a family that can spend a lot of time with him and a playful companion dog would be ideal. He would be fine with mature kids who understand a puppy's sharp teeth and playful nature. Not tested with cats.