Available Dogs

Available dogs are vetted and up-to-date on all vaccines. We encourage you to select your new companion by considering each dog’s individual personality and pet qualities instead of relying on a certain look and feel. We always highly recommend putting in an application and getting approved before you see a dog and fall in love!

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Boo Boo was found locked up in an enclosure at a Texas panhandle recreational area without food or water. Every effort was made to try and find an owner with no luck. She appears to have been loved in her past life because she adores her foster dad and spends many hours at his feet as he works from his home office. Boo Boo loves to go in the truck, and can’t wait to be your ride or die buddy.

She walks at a perfect heel on the leash and has impeccable house manners. Boo knows basic commands and is completely house and crate trained. We are guessing she is a mix of BC/Aussie and Antolian Shepherd. She is being fostered in the Amarillo area but travel toward her forever family.

Hello everyone! My name is Willow the wild child and it’s lovely to meet you all! Let me tell you a little about myself - I’m a sweet girl who is looking for a home that’ll take me in and teach me that not all humans are bad. Someone willing to let me zoom around the backyard chasing a ball or another dog. Someone who likes cuddles in the evening and will give me all the yummy treats I deserve (which is all of them, I promise 👀).

I am around 1.5-2 years, up to date on all my yucky shots and fixed. I am around 35lbs and currently in the DFW area! I came to BCRR after being surrendered because I was spending too much time in my crate alone. I didn’t like that, I love people and other dogs too much for that! I’d love a home with another fur friend to help me fully come out of my shell and learn how to be a real dog again.

I need a little work on my leash training but my foster mom says I’m doing so much better than when she first got me! If you’re someone looking for a new adventure, a new friend to enjoy life with and a new friend to keep you active - I am the girl for you!!

Hello There! The name is Jet (Formerly known as ‘J-T’, from my shelter days). I am a lean, neutered, bouncy, approximately 2yo, 37lb border collie mix. My fosters at least say i am an Honorary Border Collie because of my coloring, tail floof and ears.

I am highly food motivated and am quick to learn. I am a huge snuggler and crave attention from my people. My foster dad believes I’d be great for a pre-teen to grow old with and learn new tricks!

I will quickly become a velcro dog to my person. My attachment is part of my personality, I’ve been abandoned a lot in my short lifetime and I have separation anxiety in the form of some excessive drooling. I am being managed with Fluoxetine and my foster parents have seen a drastic improvement with my anxiety since.

Though I know my kennel is a safe space and will readily go in, I can quickly make it a swamp too. Just remember to come back for me, okay? My foster parents think i would be best as the only dog in the home, but with the right experience, may get along fine with another dog around my size. Its a process sometimes but I get along well enough with my foster siblings. I just need time to adjust to change and do it gradually and if you are someone experienced with this, It may just work!

Because of my history of abandonment, I do some resource guarding that will need to continued to be worked with in my future home. Cats are definitely a no go though, as well as small dogs - They just look tasty! Other than that, I am known for getting some serious air time. Mom keeps saying I am a “Tigger”, with springs in my legs? I still haven’t figured out what that is or that I can go over things, including the baby gates in my house.

I can certainly jump to your level though! All i am saying is, just be patient with me and you’ll see what my foster parents see in me! I have a lot of potential!

RJ is an AMAZING, stunning boy who is 6 years old, good with other dogs, loves truck rides, cuddles and doing country dog things! His is a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix, weighs about 60 pounds.

He is always happy and ready for an adventure! RJ is an active dog who loves to be out and about doing things with his people. That could be walking through the woods, filling up deer feeders, playing in the pound with his dog friends or just going on walks.

He’s not a big fan of toys and isn’t good with free ranging chickens. He is food motivated! He can hang in there for a 3 mile walk or an all day adventure helping mow pastures.

At the end of the day he knows how to turn it off and settle down. He enjoys a good days work but has no complaints on takeing a break for a day or two every now and then! He doesn’t mind turning his body into a tiny ball just so he can sit in the same chair as you.

RJ was heartworm positive when he found his foster family. He helped many other foster dog get better and find their own home. He is now healthy, HW- and ready to find his forever people! The best fit for RJ will be a physically active lifestyle with people who can keep up with this very handsome, good boy!

Winters is a sweet dog who loves to cuddle on the couch. He is neutered, up to date of vaccinations, and is heartworm negative.

He is 7-8 years old and weighs 42 lbs. He warmed up to our dogs quickly. He would be a great as a single dog or a multiple dog house.

He does get a bit territorial with his food, but have been feeding him alone in his crate which has worked well. He loves to sleep all night in his crate and does well there when we leave the house. He likes to chase cats so he would not be good in a home with cats.

When he first got to our home he sprayed, but after 2 days that went away. Especially related to his recent neuter.

Winters' is arthritic and doesn't get around as well as he probably once did, but has greatly improved with walks and playing in the yard. He does well riding in the car and going on walks.

He is gorgeous! Winters has long hair in the crown of his head, which is wonderful to pet.

He is so sweet and has been a joy in our lives. Are you his fur-ever home?

Screen Shot 2023-10-08 at 5.09.07 PM

Mr. Bojangles -1074

I’m Mr. Bojangles, but I'm mostly called Bo. I’m a 44 pound Border Collie, and putting on needed weight.

Foster Mom thinks I spent most of my life as an outside dog, although I am housebroken. I like air conditioning and regular meals, both are new to me! Being with you is my favorite!

I want to be with you ALL the time. Foster Mom is focusing on skills she says a Faithful Shadow needs. I’m learning Come, Wait, Off, Go on (move away and stay out of the way), and getting out of the way. This last was tough at the beginning because I didn’t walk well, and couldn’t move backwards at all. My hindquarters were weak. After more than a month of having food every day, a big back yard, and other dogs to follow around, I can trot with a spring in my step.

I don’t jump into the car yet. I’m still working on walking backward and moving away. Why would I walk away from you? I may be a little clingy at first, so you may have to be extra patient until I feel safe in your home.

We have no idea how old I am. Vet estimates have covered a wide range but we think around 10. I am now neutered and had my teeth cleaned (and one removed - I feel so much better!) My eyes look a bit odd because I have small eyeballs. The vets say this doesn’t mean much. I don’t see as well out of my left eye as I used to but my vision is not a problem for my new life! My coat has been trimmed all over, and I should have a fine rough coat by the fall.

I do think thunder turns the floor to lava. Unlike most dogs, I try to climb the nearest surface to hide from thunder, it really freaks me out. I now take Sileo and I am much better. If you have to leave the house during bad weather, a strong crate may be best for me. I also like to dig. You may have to help me know where it is ok to have this kind of fun! I’m okay with other dogs, and I looooove the cat! I like to wash her head, and she lets me do it.

My Foster Mom says when I have strong hind legs again, she thinks I may be good at things like helping my owner get up after a fall, and fetching, that I am Border Collie Smart, and enjoy learning — after all, when you’re teaching me things, I have your attention! I hope I sound like your forever friend!

☆ 1+ year old 60 lb boy, neutered, heartworm negative, healthy.

☆ Good foundation of basic training and house manners.

☆ Fluffy, soft, gentle.

☆ Loves people, car rides, walks, chew toys, your attention.

☆ Loves to be outside.

☆ Does well with most dogs after slow introduction. Would also be happy as only pet.

☆ Little children, cats, and birds would not be a good fit (chases).

☆ Not super high energy, does need good exercise and activities to keep excellent brain happy.

Do you need a buddy?;) Buddy can be your best buddy! Don't let his puppy fuzz fool you, he is 68% Border Collie, 22% Australian Cattle Dog, and 12% Australian Kelpie (according to DNA on one of his siblings).

He is estimated to be about 5 mths old and weighs 18lbs. He is smart and learns so quickly that he learned how to sit, down, wait, stay, potty outside and use a dog door in just a matter of days. He is eager to learn, and when he learns a new skill, he has it down like he's been doing it his whole life.

He's all legs and tail with the wonder and energy of a puppy. His favorite time of the day will be stayig outside with you playing ball to fetch! He loves all his toys and especially loves squeaky and bouncy ball.

He loves to be close to his person and specially to be in your lap. He will make sure to give you a big smile with loving eyes.

Buddy would do great in a home with a child or another dog as he loves, loves, loves to play and chase. But, if you can spend good amount of time with him, he would be great as a only dog as well.

He has not been cat tested.. Buddy was a champ at the vet, he took his shots like a pro, has his micro-chip and is a bit young so not neutered yet. Buddy is ready to be your best Buddy in his fur-ever home!

Sweetie is a small, beautiful, wicked smart Border Collie Mix. Sibling DNA is 68% Border Collie, and the rest is Austrailian Cattle Dog and Austrilian Kelpie.

Sweetie is estimated to be about 5-7 mths old and weighs 20lbs.

She has learned sit, stay, outside, dinner time and how to use a dog door in just a matter of weeks. She came to BCRRT 9/10/2023 with 3 siblings and has been a joy to help grow and learn. She's still all legs and tail with the wonder and energy of a puppy, she loves to be loved, she wants to please and get pets and love.

She is calm in a crate, and sleeps through the night quietly. Sweetie has been a trooper, she weathered her first set of Puppy shots beautifully, she has her micro-chip and is still a little young so she hasn't been spayed yet.

Sweetie would do well with an older dog to teach her how to be a proper dog. She would be ok as an only dog as long as she gets plenty of attention, play, and training. She is a bit of velcro dog and will follow you everywhere.

She will need all the standard puppy good manner training. She enjoys playing fetch and is learning to bring the ball back!

HI MY NAME IS MUFFIN…sorry foster mama told me to stop yelling 🤭

Hi! My name is Muffin and I am looking for a forever home that is ACTIVE, PLAYFUL and comes equipped with LOVE and TREATS 😍

I am around 1 years old, weigh about 35lbs, am spayed (or will be on 10/25) and just the best girl you’ll ever meet. I was found as a stray in FW and never reclaimed so my foster mama saved me from the shelter because no one came to save me. I am doing really well on my crate training and have found my foster fur siblings to be the most fun ever! I sniffed the cat once and she smacked me on the nose so I try to steer clear of her now 🤪

I am in search of my diamond in the rough family who would like their own diamond in the rough pup! Im not perfect, what dog is? But what I bring to the table is this - I am dog, cat and human friendly. In fact I love people so so so much!

I would do best in a home with older children as I do like to jump and get excited when I see my people. I am crate trained (I will bark if I hear or see movement though) I would love a playful dog friend or an active family who can keep me busy!

I am extremely food motivated and love to work on my skillz - I can sit, stay, crate and wait! I am in the DFW area and will be ready to go after I heal post spay. I would really love a family of my own so I hope that’s you and I hope you apply for me asap!

Dolly is a special little puppy who LOVES her people!  She gets attached quickly and will be your shadow around the house.  She sleeps at our feet while we work during the day, and loves to cuddle with us after.  Her cuddle time includes rolling on her back for belly scratches, rubbing her head on you, and bringing her favorite toy to your feet to chew on.  She is a funny little girl who gets the zoomies, and makes cute yodeling noises when she's happy or you are taking too long to put your shoes on for a walk!

She is almost 1 yr old, currently 35lbs and growing, is Spayed, UTD, and on monthly preventatives.

Dolly is at the perfect age of puppyhood where she is already Potty Trained, Crate Trained, and has Manners, but is young enough to be molded into the dog of your dreams!  She is extremely smart and picks up on routine quickly.  She'll go to her xpen for feeding time in the morning, and dives into the crate when she sees a Kong in your hand!  She is on the medium-low energy side of your typical border collie, needing a daily walk or other exercise to get her puppy energy out.  She would love to be your weekend adventure dog or casual doggy sports partner.  She is focused when in training mode, and learns quickly.

Dolly has some stranger danger, but with positive reinforcement and teaching her how to behave she is quickly learning to navigate the world.  She also has some separation anxiety that is often seen in puppies who haven't had stable homes.  With the help of calming meds and training, she is now able to go 4+ hours alone, and we expect this timeframe to grow as she gets older.  She needs someone who wants to continue her training.

Dolly is dog-neutral, meaning she doesn't seek attention from other dogs, and doesn't mind them being around her as long as they respect her boundaries.  She does really well with other dogs outside and on walks, but sometimes gets jealous when having to share her people with them in the house.  She could live with a well-matched calm dog, but would also be fine on her own.  Dolly would do best with children over the age of 13.   We haven't had her around cats but she appears to have a prey-drive.

Dolly has won the hearts of her foster family, she has so much love to give and is ready to be your best friend!

Zeke 5 years Male/Neutered 35 lbs Best as an only dog, but can get along with other dogs No small children No cats or small animals

Zeke is super sweet, loves to snuggle and is super smart. He is treat motivated, and likes to play fetch.

He knows sit, leave it, his name, load up, and working on come. He is house trained and crate trained and uses a dog door at his foster home.

This guy has enough energy for an active home, likes to go on walks, but he is more of a lover than a sport type prospect. He certainly has the smarts to learn anything you want to teach him.

To say Zeke is sweet is an understatement. This guy is a big baby! He has these cute, how can you not love me, puppy dog eyes! He does have issues with sharing, and can get snappy if another dog tries to interact when he is getting attention, and he does need to be fed in a crate as he guards his food.

He does well with the other dogs in his foster home, as long as they are not pushy. He would do best as an only dog, or with a dog that is more laid back and you feed them separately.

This guy loves to snuggle on the couch or bed with you, adores tummy rubs and will follow you everywhere.

His eyes, oh those sweet eyes, will mesmerize you with love. Zeke found a ball in his foster home’s back yard and brought it for some play. He will fetch till he drops.

If you want a dog that can be active, would love to walk with you, snuggle with you, play fetch and adore you, and you are willing to continue helping him adjust, Zeke is your man.

His foster home says he is a keeper, and if her home were not as crazy, he would never leave! Zeke is an owner surrender to BCRR. His owners got him pre-Covid, and had a job for him, but Covid changed their lives. After moving to a small apartment, Zeke spent more and more time alone at home as his owners worked, and he became bored. As time went on, he became more anxious and started chasing, then biting, his tail. It was then his owners realized their beloved BC was not coping with their new lifestyle and looked for a place that could find Zeke a more compatible home.

His foster home has been working with a veterinarian to help Zeke with his now obsessive behavior of biting his tail. He gets overstimulated easily. When overstimulated, he starts his obsessive tail chasing/biting. He does not do well with a lot of barking dogs or loud children, as this sends him spinning. Behavior medications have helped, along with behavior modification, and his foster home continues to work with him.

Zeke shows no interest in livestock, he gets too anxious and looks for his person. He let us know he is a lover and not a stockdog!

He tested positive for Heartworms, has been treated, and will need a final clear test at the beginning of 2024. He is now on monthly preventative.

Dickens is looking for a new home! He is approximately six year old border collie/ mini Aussie cross, per DNA test.

He weighs 18.5 lbs. He is ready for a home where he can love and spoil his human, and vice versa.

Dickens’ story: This little man ended up as a stray in rural Mississippi. He found himself in a shelter there, and was transported to Texas to be fostered through Border Collie Rescue and Rehab. He had some hair loss due to allergies, and when we got him to Texas, we also learned that Dickens was heartworm positive.

He’s been with his foster mom for three months getting medical treatment: he needed to be neutered and have his teeth cleaned first thing, and after recovering from that, has spent the past two months being treated for heartworms.

He is an active little guy, but so cheerful that even two months of crate rest can’t quench his sweet spirit. He LOVES people—he wants nothing more than to be in your lap, and likes to be held like a baby.

He will greet all your guests happily—he’s never met a stranger. And he’s a good companion for those Netflix nights. But he likes his active time, too—before he was on crate rest, he enjoyed going on walks with his foster mom and one of his foster sisters.

He walks great on leash—he doesn’t pull, which is such a pleasure! He has the cutest little high-stepping trot—he gets lots of attention from the neighbors, remarking on his adorableness!

He will need systematic re-conditioning after two months of crate rest, but can definitely work up to walking as far as you wish.

Dickens is a confident guy who can be your go-anywhere, do-anything dog.

He rides great in a crate in the car, so is easy to take with you and is such a nice portable size!

He would do great as an only dog, or with a canine sister of similar size. He doesn’t seem to need other dogs to play with; he really just wants his person. He gets along with some but not all male dogs, and does tend to mark in the house when another male is present, so a home with no canine brothers will be best. He largely ignores the resident cat. He is not especially interested in his foster mom’s pet chickens, either.

He will need at least a 6 foot wooden fence. Dickens can climb chain link, which he demonstrated in the shelter by escaping during a thunderstorm. His escape involved scaling two six-foot chain link fences and an eight-foot perimeter wall. He then showed up on the front porch of the shelter the next morning, happy to greet the shelter staff.

He has shown no interest in escaping from his foster home, presumably because it’s a nicer place to be than the shelter. However, he does need to have a secure yard and be supervised when outdoors.

He arrived with seemingly no training at all, so his ideal adopter will take him to some positive reinforcement classes to work on at least his basics, including obedience—he is HIGHLY biddable, so will be a joy to train!—and some grooming husbandry, since baths and nail trims are a bit of a rodeo.

He would also be a fun first agility dog, maybe even a junior handler dog for a young person. He would also be fun to train in rally.

At his small size, he still has several years of training and competition left to him if that is your goal.

But he would be fine as a pet, too—he’d love a work from home situation or someone who could take him with them to their office or other workplace.

He is pretty adaptable; his foster mom can see him fitting in well in a wide variety of households, as long as they spend time with or near him. Please help little Dickens find a great home where he can share his loving heart.

Available soon. Pending spay on 11/17/23 and recovery.

Bradie is a very healthy, happy, puppy-like girl. She currently weighs 45 lbs and will be up to date on all shots by the time she is available for adoption.

Although originally estimated to be 1.5 yrs old we feel she is closer to 11 or 12 months after living with her for 3 weeks.

When she's excited her whole body is one big wiggle. Super affectionate and cuddly. Her energy level is low to medium.

She is doing well learning house and people manners. Crate trained and potty trained although we're having to stay alert due to her young age. She's learning to not jump on coffee tables or low counters.

She was perhaps a barn dog previously and went wherever she wanted.

She loves a comfy couch or bed. She's always eager to jump in the car and go for a ride.

Bradie gets along with our dog Duke who is a similar size. Not tested with cats or kids.