Available Dogs

Available dogs are vetted and up-to-date on all vaccines. We encourage you to select your new companion by considering each dog’s individual personality and pet qualities instead of relying on a certain look and feel.

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Boo Boo was found locked up in an enclosure at a Texas panhandle recreational area without food or water. Every effort was made to try and find an owner with no luck. She appears to have been loved in her past life because she adores her foster dad and spends many hours at his feet as he works from his home office. Boo Boo loves to go in the truck, and can’t wait to be your ride or die buddy.

She walks at a perfect heel on the leash and has impeccable house manners. Boo knows basic commands and is completely house and crate trained. We are guessing she is a mix of BC/Aussie and Antolian Shepherd. She is being fostered in the Amarillo area but travel toward her forever family.

Hi there! My name is Raven! I am a 6 month old Border Collie mix! My siblings and I had a rough start to the world ending up in the shelter at just 8 weeks old and then my parents were sadly euthanized due to the shelter being full. Luckily my 3 siblings and I were saved by this wonderful rescue!

I am a very playful and happy girl. I love to play with toys and my foster mom’s 8 month old kitten! He is my best friend! I like to run and play with sticks in my foster mom’s yard on her ranch! I am learning that deer are not scary and skunks are not friends! I am VERY food motivated! My foster mom says I have great herding tendencies and would do best in a home that is active. I am still learning how to walk on a leash but my foster mom has been working with me on off leash commands. I know sit, lay down and I am working on how to stay. I do well in the car but still get a little car sick but my foster mom says that I will grow out of it soon.

I love people and I am getting so much socializing when I go to work with my foster mom! My foster mom loves me lots and hopes to find my forever home!

Hello my name is Coal. I am 6 months old. I am a Border Collie X German shepherd mix. I weigh about 48 pounds right now and am estimated to be about 60 lbs full grown.

I LOVE my foster siblings so much but can be very shy with new dogs for the first few hours or day.... then they better be prepared to rough house! I love my foster cat siblings as well. Because I am a puppy it's very tempting to play with them so my foster mom makes me not play with them. I love every one I meet. I love kids big and small. I am pretty hit or miss if I will instantly love you or need to "warm up". But with normal puppy socialization work I have come far and will only get better.

I crate at night like a champ. I mean really... id there was a prize for racing to get into bed to fullfill my nightly routine... I'd win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. I kennel when left home alone with treat and puzzle toys with no problems. I am good at keeping myself entertained when the other dogs are tired.

I am potty trained and know to go kick the door when I need out. I will be fully house broke in no time... but we aren't there yet... just ask my mom's wall. I am super smart and energetic. I will need a home with another young dog to play with, someone who wants a running buddy, or a family who wants to give me a job!

I definitely have a serious sniffer and may even be good at scent work. I am a natural at agility. But most of all I want someone to cuddle me and love me forever.

I had a pretty hard start to life. My mom and dad were surrendered to the shelter to only be euthanized because the shelter was beyond full. Then me and my siblings were surrendered to the same scary place. Luckily, I was rescued from there. Just in time because I became very sick from parvo virus and had to be hospitalized for over 48 hours. Then my foster mom nursed me back to health. Now she just wants a forever home for me. She loves me a lot so only serious and puppy experienced applicants, please!

Meet Sammie, a BC mix, male, 40 pounds, neutered, and UTD on all shots and HW preventative. He is around 6 years old. Sammy is a sweet and very shy dog. He is not comfortable around men, he is not mean, just won’t stay in the room with them. He is great with cats. Small kids easily startle him and he will hide. His foster home has spent time letting Sammie gain confidence. He is now more at ease around strangers. He needs to be allowed to warm up to people at his own pace. Forcing this guy will only increase his anxiety.

Once this boy gets to know you, he is loving, and seeks attention. He likes to be in the room with his people and will lay his head in your lap, or hang out on a bed or cool tile with a toy. We do not know what his background was that caused him to lose trust but we are pretty sure it had to do with a man. Sammie is a gentle soul, even with his anxiety, has never lashed out in fear. He is very treat driven.

Sammie would be best as an only dog, with no small children, and may never approach the man in the house. He would be best in the home of women only. He craves attention and will be your shadow once he warms up to you. He is a calm, low key dog and will go to his crate if he is uncomfortable. His foster home keeps a nice plush dog bed and chew toys for him in his crate, and is a haven where he can decompress. At night he loves to be in the bedroom with you on a nice big comfy dog bed. If you can find it in your heart to be a patient home for this boy, you will have a best friend for life. Please someone step up for sweet Sammie, he deserves a home!

Tucker is a 2 year old male border collie mix who looks more like a golden mix. Tucker is very smart and loves training. Due to his brilliant mind, although he might love you right away, will need time and patience to gain his trust. Tucker is a happy dog and super fun to train.

Tucker spent a great deal of time with one of the best trainers in Texas Karen Deeds to work on his resource guarding and leash reactivity. He now has a great foundation that will need to be continued and reinforced in his forever home. He will come with all the training resources.

Tucker will do best with a person who enjoys training him as much as he does and won’t mind reinforcing boundaries from day one by creating structure and routine which helps to create a better relationship. Tucker will need both mental and physical stimulations. He loves other dogs as long as there are no resources (toys/food) and the other dog is mature and calm.
Training Tucker is so rewarding and fun. He will love you and entertain you with his goofy nature. He loves to talk and will wake you up by making small sounds from his crate. He can be your running or cycling buddy by patiently teaching him your pace. No small animals or cats as he has a high prey drive. He will do best in an adult only home to prevent access to items he may want to steal like children's toys and food.

If you have patience and time and love training an intelligent dog you will quickly gain his trust which is so gratifying. In return you have the funny smart dog buddy Tucker! Tuckers’ trainer calls him a fun jerk with lots of attitude and spunk!

Hello everyone! My name is Willow the wild child and it’s lovely to meet you all! Let me tell you a little about myself - I’m a sweet girl who is looking for a home that’ll take me in and teach me that not all humans are bad. Someone willing to let me zoom around the backyard chasing a ball or another dog. Someone who likes cuddles in the evening and will give me all the yummy treats I deserve (which is all of them, I promise 👀).

I am around 1.5-2 years, up to date on all my yucky shots and fixed. I am around 35lbs and currently in the DFW area! I came to BCRR after being surrendered because I was spending too much time in my crate alone. I didn’t like that, I love people and other dogs too much for that! I’d love a home with another fur friend to help me fully come out of my shell and learn how to be a real dog again.

I need a little work on my leash training but my foster mom says I’m doing so much better than when she first got me! If you’re someone looking for a new adventure, a new friend to enjoy life with and a new friend to keep you active - I am the girl for you!!


*cough* sorry. Let me start again…my foster mom told me to take a breath and calm down. Hi! My name is Lacey Lou, Lacey McFacey, Lacey “stop trying to sit on the cat!” Or just plain old Lacey 🥰.

I am the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet! You wanna cuddle? You got it. You want licks? No? Oh well, you’re getting them any way! You wanna place chase? TAG YOU'RE IT! I am around 10-12 months old. Spayed. UTD on shots and looking for my forever! I was found as a stray and never reclaimed so I’m here hoping someone more responsible and loving will want to bring me home for goofy zoomies, fun and lots and lots of love!

I would do well as an only dog or with playful dog friends! I am cat friendly and really wish she would be my friend honestly. I’ve not met a person I didn’t like (and my foster dad is like really tall and has a beard!) I’m also crate trained and doing really well on my leash training! If you’re looking for a gal who just wants friends and love and can put a smile on your face daily - I am the one for you!

I’m currently in the DFW area so hit my foster mom up - because she can only handle so many zoom attacks! 🏎️ 🏎️🏎️🏎️

Queen “Ellie” Eloise is wondering if you might have room for her in your heart and home? 🥰

Our little Ellie is around 6 years old, 50lbs and currently in the DFW area.
Ellie spent the majority of her life stuck outside so learning to live inside was a change but one she welcomed with open arms!

Ellie has adjusted to a life luxury and loves to find a good toy to tear up and a comfy bed to lay her head on!
Ellie would do best in an only dog home or with dogs who aren’t pushy and in your face.

Now here comes the slight “catch” - Ellie girl is deaf. 100% deaf and has been her whole life.
So to Ellie, life is how it is and always will be. She takes time to adjust when in a new place but bonds to “her person” very quickly and will follow them around wherever they go.
Ellie does really well with routine and a schedule to keep her happy.
Her deafness does not stop her from being the fastest one out the door to chase squirrels 🐿️nor does it stop her being the first one to find a bone to chew on!

Meet Rosie! Miss on-the-go-lady!

Rosie is a sweet little border collie searching for a new furever home that is ready for an ACTIVE, SMART and CUDDLY home! Rosie was an owner surrender due to needing a home with better BC knowledge to help her achieve and be the best that she can possibly be.

Rosie will need a very active home with someone who is out and about on adventures and hikes or someone who is willing to sign her up for a job or even a sport – we think Rosie would make a good sports prospect with her speed and quick learning!

Rosie is shy when it comes to new dogs and would do better as an only dog or with dogs who aren’t in her face that are around the same size as her. Rosie is 100% crate and house trained and would do best in a home with older children. She is very cat friendly too! She is UTD on all shots, spayed and microchipped.

Her birthday is Feb 15th so she needs someone to help her celebrate the big ONE! If you are already active and wanting a 4-legged friend to join you or you are looking for a reason to get up and active in the new year – Rosie is the gal for you!!

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Jack - 998 | Coming Soon

Meet Jack! Jack is a 3 year old black and white (with a little bit of tan here and there) border collie. He is UTD on all shots, is on heart worm and flea and tick prevention, and was recently neutered.

Jack is a very sweet and cuddly boy who enjoys getting pets from anyone. He does well with small children and is very gentle, but his personal space and boundaries still need to be respected. He would do best with children that understand this.

Jack is dog friendly and respectful of other dogs’ social cues. However, he doesn’t enjoy hyper dogs that get up in his face. He would do best in a home with neutral or more mature dogs. I’m sure he would also enjoy being the center of attention as an only dog as well! Jack has a VERY high prey drive and is not cat friendly. He has broken through a chain link fence to chase and fight a cat (that was not running). If he smells a cat he will start stalking and trying to seek out the cat.

Despite his high prey drive, he is not interested in fetch nor toys. He will sometimes chase his foster sister when she plays fetch. Jack prefers to play tug and play with his humans. He loves rough-housing with his foster dad. Jack knows sit, lie down, his name, here, out (back up), no, off, and crate. He knows the command “crate”, but will not go in the crate on his own unless it is dinner time or the end of a training session where treats were used. We usually have to carry him to his crate and then say “crate” and he will go in.

He walks well on a leash, but sometimes barks at other dogs Jack loves to curl up on the couch with his head on a pillow, cuddle with his humans, and get pets. While he has a very good off switch, he is still a border collie and needs both mental and physical stimulation. Jack would make a great addition to many homes. If he seems like a good fit for you, please submit an application, he’d love to meet you!

Hi, my name is Nina! I am a tri-color Border Collie mix, about 11 weeks old and weigh 17 pounds. I live with my sister, Lucy, at our foster family’s house in Northeast Texas (100 miles
east of Dallas).

We love to run around in the big yard, smell all the smells and play ball!
Because I am such a young pup, I still require basic training. So far, I am potty trained (I prefer going outside, but when I can’t hold it, I use a puppy pad) and just learned how to “sit”!

I am very treat motivated because those little snacks just taste so good. Foster mom has learned that if she always has a little kibble in her pocket, she can get us to snap out of whatever we’re doing and follow her lead. I am a bit of a pogo stick, jumping to try and get what I want, so that will need additional training time. I’m a fast learner and have already gotten a little better!

I am a love bug, I love attention, laying on your lap to get all the pets while you tell me how cute I am.

I can go up the stairs like a champ and love to celebrate when I get to the top. We sleep in our crate and night and haven’t had any accidents in there…ever!

I would probably be considered a medium energy level. When we aren’t napping, my sister and I are almost always roughhousing and carrying on with our toys. I would be considered the more dominant of the two of us, Lucy follows my lead.

I tend to get a little adventurous outside when I catch a sniff I’ve gotta scope out. I don’t run away, I just act a little stubborn (sometimes mom thinks I do it just so I can get picked up, bc I love being held).

Going out and about is scary for me, I am more comfortable at home, so I need socializing and more experiences to get used to it. When it comes to new people, I am a little shy/scared, but with treats and love and a little patience, I will warm up. Big groups are a little intimidating and I hide, so our foster mom has been doing just a couple people at once for now. I met an 8-year-old girl this weekend and she was very nice. I ate treats out of her hand and played with toys but liked when she was gentler and quieter instead of loud and crazy. This is all still new to me, as I’m just a little pup and definitely need some more socializing to build up my confidence.

I met my first dog friend the other day (a 90# lab) and he was pretty cool. I need some time to warm up, and can bark a little at first, but we ended up being friends. When I see the other foster dogs from afar I sometimes bark at them, seemingly out of fear, not aggression. I have not had any experience with cats yet.

Fun fact: there was a very large and loud thunderstorm the other day, and my sister and I just carried on playing like it was nothing!

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Luna- 1017: Coming Soon

*boing boing b-BOING* Hi 👋🏻 hello 👋🏻 excuse me 👋🏻 My name is Luna or Luna the Tuna or Luna Baboona…you get the idea. I have some weird nicknames!

I’m just a young pup in search of young love in the form of a furever home! I was found in Oklahoma and never reclaimed but my energy was too much so she surrendered me to the kind people of BCRRT. I’m around 1-2 years old and I’m still a puppy with the zoomies and the goofy attitude. 🤪 I’m UTD on shots and scheduled to be spayed soon. I weigh around 40lbs but could use a couple extra pounds.

I love other dogs who are playful and will require another dog friend to keep me company. I don’t mind the cat and she doesn’t mind me as long as I don’t try to play too rough! I am looking for a home who is calm and patient. Who understands that my background is fuzzy but it’s clear I didn’t get much training and so will need help learning to not jump and settle down in my crate.

In the couple weeks my foster mom has had me she said I’ve come a long way and will now go into my crate when asked and I know sit!!

I would do best with another PLAYFUL dog in the home to help guide me and preferably older children because I do jump and I don’t want to hurt any little ones! A home with someone home more than not would be awesome too! No apartments though please, that’s too much stimulation.

Meet Edgar! Edgar is not a border collie! He’s probably a Belgian Tervuren or long-haired German Shepherd mix. But one of our volunteers took him in as a foster and asked that he be adopted through Border Collie Rescue and Rehab.

Edgar is about seven months old. He was found as a stray, cowering under a car. When found, he was filthy, underweight, matted, and was wearing a chain collar that had to be cut off. His humans couldn’t be located. After a few weeks in foster care, he is now gaining muscle tone and is a healthy weight, so is ready for adoption.

Edgar has a fantastic temperament—sweet, soft, willing to please, but fairly confident, too. As long as his relatively modest exercise needs are met, he will settle down and snuggle.

He loves playing with other dogs. He would be great in a home with another medium to large sized dog, or as an only dog with regular play dates or doggie daycare.

He would love to have at least one human home most of the time; he loves to be with his people. He will chase the cat when she runs, but doesn’t mean any harm. His nickname is Galoot, because that’s what he is—a big, friendly galoot!

He has started clicker training, and is doing great with housetraining. He is crate trained, and sleeps peacefully in his crate all night. Edgar has no significant behavioral faults; he’s a friendly puppy who just needs to have his clicker training and socialization continued.

He’s also a handsome boy, as you can see. His coat is soft and delightful to pet, but is reasonably low maintenance. A good brushing once or twice a week will be enough to keep him looking his best. Edgar is located in Denton, Texas.

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Dolly - 1022: Coming Soon

Helllllllo! My name is Dolly, Lolly Dolly, Dolly Baby, or Dolly Down! I am almost 8 months old (estimated dob 05/24/22) and weigh in at 21LBS. I was left at the shelter by my previous family because they could not take care of me, and they thought I had a tumor on my eye. Turns out it was just a cherry eye, and I had that removed recently.

Along the way I lost my tail, but no worries, that just means that the kitty cats where I live can’t swat my tail like they do the others. That’s right, I have a good relationship with kitty cats and love to play with them. I live with other doggies, old and young, and we all get along.

I also live with a tiny toddler; she likes to boss me around and I let her. I know basic commands and have an excellent off switch.

I do have to say that I love people a lot more than other dogs or cats. I just want to be by your side and give you all the kisses. I am kenneled trained and would love a nice kennel of my own with another fancy bed in it.

Currently I am kenneled from 7A.M.-12P.M., then I get to be let out from 12P.M.-1P.M., and then my hoomans go back to work and am kenneled from 1P.M.-4P.M. I don’t think I would do best in a home that would kennel me all day, but I do think that I will grow out of having to be kenneled. I only nibble on leather toddler shoes and Melissa & Doug puzzles. If you don’t have either of those then we should be good to go. I am in the North Dallas area and will be available soon. If you think I sound like a fit, fill out an application for me. My foster mom is a bit of a mama bear, and she wants to make sure that I have the best family!