Available Dogs

Available dogs are vetted and up-to-date on all vaccines. We encourage you to select your new companion by considering each dog’s individual personality and pet qualities instead of relying on a certain look and feel. We always highly recommend putting in an application and getting approved before you see a dog and fall in love!

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Hello There! The name is Jet (Formerly known as ‘J-T’, from my shelter days).

I am a lean, neutered, bouncy, approximately 2yo, 37lb border collie mix. My fosters at least say i am an Honorary Border Collie because of my coloring, tail floof and ears.

I am highly food motivated and am quick to learn. I am a huge snuggler and crave attention from my people.

My foster dad believes I’d be great for a pre-teen to grow old with and learn new tricks!

I will quickly become a velcro dog to my person. My attachment is part of my personality, I’ve been abandoned a lot in my short lifetime and I have separation anxiety in the form of some excessive drooling. I am being managed with Fluoxetine and my foster parents have seen a drastic improvement with my anxiety since.

Though I know my kennel is a safe space and will readily go in, I can quickly make it a swamp too. Just remember to come back for me, okay?

My foster parents think i would be best as the only dog in the home, but with the right experience, may get along fine with another dog around my size. Its a process sometimes but I get along well enough with my foster siblings. I just need time to adjust to change and do it gradually and if you are someone experienced with this, It may just work!

Because of my history of abandonment, I do some resource guarding that will need to continued to be worked with in my future home. Cats are definitely a no go though, as well as small dogs - They just look tasty!

Other than that, I am known for getting some serious air time. Mom keeps saying I am a “Tigger”, with springs in my legs? I still haven’t figured out what that is or that I can go over things, including the baby gates in my house.

I can certainly jump to your level though!

All i am saying is, just be patient with me and you’ll see what my foster parents see in me! I have a lot of potential!

Meet Ranger! He’s one grand slam of a dog 🐶.

He loves to cheer on his favorite people! He will hype you up when you look like you’re having fun 😁

Yes he barks - but not at doorbells or strangers like other dogs - he’s an excited barker that just likes to get in on the fun!

Did I mention fun? This dog is a party animal (yes, pun intended).

He’s already fostered in a home with 4 kids but he’s really in his element when those kids have friends over.

We’ve had two birthday parties and Ranger loves to be the center of attention!! He had a blast making s’mores at the fire pit with 6 teenagers last weekend.

Ranger’s a big boy at 53 pounds and he is working on keeping all paws on the ground (especially when greeting people).

He will need training classes to be World Series ready! He loves car rides & gets along with dogs at the doggie park and Tractor Supply.

He hasn’t lived with another dog yet, so be prepared for ample training and very slow introductions to a shared home if you have other doggies.

Ranger’s 2 1/2 yrs old, house trained, sleeps quietly in his crate, neutered, up to date on shots/ HW, and currently fostered North of San Antonio.

Hi my name is Teddy and I am ready to find my forever family.

I’m full of fun loving energy and adore long walks through the neighborhood and playing ball in the backyard.  (I’ll help you keep that exercise resolution you made!)

I enjoy roughhousing with my foster brother and sister, so an energetic canine sibling would be just grand.

I have not been officially cat tested, but enjoy barking at and pulling on the leash to chase the cats I see on my daily walks.

Being that I am still a puppy at a year old and 40 pounds, I will do best with kids over 10, although I do fine with tiny humans as young as a year old for short periods of time.

I am 100% potty trained, vetted and crate trained. Although I can be vocal in the crate, I don't play Houdini and make great escapes.

I am being fostered in Amarillo but can travel to my new family. I am healthy, neutered, and fully vaccinated.

Are you a homebody (or two) looking for a companion who is easy to exercise without leaving your fenced yard and a wonderfully entertaining friend?

That’s ME!

I’m Sydney Skittle-butt. I’m a small girl (27 lbs), a bit over a year old, spayed, vaccinated BC/Mini Aussie mix.

I promise to make you smile many times a day.

I get my exercise needs playing fetch with tennis balls, so going on endless walks or playing on agility equipment is not required (though it sounds like fun!).

I’m a good fit for older adults who have a pretty settled routine! I like training exercises (treats!) and learn fast!

I sleep deeply through the night in my comfy crate and don’t mind spending a bit of time there during the day if you have to run errands (like getting me new tennis balls!) I have a busy mind which results  in a bit of generalized anxiety (but NOT separation anxiety!) that is currently being managed with medication once a day.

With time and a calm environment, I may be able to reduce or eliminate the medication.

As of now I’m a happier, calmer dog on the medication. Because of this generalized anxiety, I can be unpredictable with dogs and would not be an appropriate pet for children or apartment living.

I am smart and sensitive, will follow you everywhere, look to you for guidance and comfort (and tennis balls).

I truly want to please you but within the boundaries of my particular need to stay calm.

I am expressive, have the cutest wiggle butt you’ve EVER seen, and if you love to laugh out loud, I’m your girl! I am currently in the DFW area and ready to be adopted!

Honey is a very active girl that would be a good candidate for agility or fly ball.

Honey is around 2.5 yrs old, around 30 lbs.

She will need to go to a home where she can be exercised often & given plenty of play time.

Once she has gotten some energy out, she does enjoy cuddling or sitting on your lap & watching a movie. She absolutely loves kids.

She is picky about other dogs, nice when visiting and playing so long as there are no toys involved. Honey will not share her toys with anyone.  She will gladly exchange toys and food when humans involved but not with other dogs.

Honey LOVES to swim!  She gladly gets in the pool!

She is crate trained and housebroken.  She has house manners although she does like to nap on the couch and occasionally puts a paw on a counter but redirects easily.

She is a bit shy at first but warms up quickly.  Honey is registered with the American Border Collie Association & comes with a plaque showing her lineage.

Meet Estee, the eternal puppy in a senior border collie's body!
Estee is about 9 yrs old, under 30 lbs.
Estee love for toys and her people knows no bounds.
Rescued from a hoarding situation, she's now living her best life, spreading joy and wagging tails wherever she goes.
Estee playful spirit and endless energy prove that age is just a number when it comes to having fun!
When she's not carrying or "de-stuffing" her toys, you can find Estee enjoying a cozy nap or cuddled up with her favorite humans, perhaps listening to Taylor Swift's "No Body, No Crime," lamenting the loss of her well-loved toys.
Handsome, intelligent, charming Charlie is available for adoption by a caring family.
One look into his beautiful brown eyes and you are guaranteed to fall in love.
He is a 60 pound, 8-month-old puppy who responds well to training. Birth date is estimated to be 6/19/2023.
He’s up-to-date on shots, has been microchipped, and will need to be neutered when he matures a bit more.
His energy level is medium. He can chill on the bed or sofa and loves to lay his head on you. He also likes to run around the yard with our other dog.
He accepts direction from people and other dogs readily.
House broken and comfortable being crated when fed or when we leave the house for extended periods of time during the day. However, he loves to be with his people at night. He’s OK with a bedroom pen but even happier if he can sleep on the bed.
He’s learning to meet new people without being intimidated. His adopters will need to continue with his socialization skills so his outgoing, friendly personality can shine.
Providing chew toys is a must to divert his attention from unwanted destruction during his puppyhood.
He needs a family that can spend a lot of time with him, and a playful companion dog would be ideal. He would be fine with mature kids who understand a puppy's rambunctious nature. Not tested with cats.

Wrigley is the neighborhood flirt who always wants to be the center of your world.

He is always on the hunt for cuddles and snuggles. He is looking for his lifetime companion instead of wandering the streets where he was found.

At six months old, this bundle of energy probably needs another dog to wrestle with unless you have kids and they will do as well.

With the determination of a corgi and the energy of a border collie, probably a fenced yard would be best.

He mastered the doggie door in about 10 minutes at five months.  He’ll let you know when he wants something such as food or a toy by his deep voice.

He is a little rough around the edges – still in puppy stage and thinks everything belongs to him.

He is built with short legs and soft fur and a very expressive face. He weighs about 45 pounds and likes his food and everyone else’s food as well.  Probably won’t grow much taller.

He will sit and walks well on a leash but is lacking most other skills. He sleeps in his kennel at night and sometimes goes in the kennel during the day to rest.

Wrigley will be a true best friend and won’t leave your sight ...even in the bathroom. Never met a stranger and loves to meet other dogs. Not cat tested.

If you like cuteness and can be in charge, let me know. I am available for the right family.

Hello, my name is Bonnie!   I will be available for adoption the beginning of April 2024.
I am a four month old beautiful border collie mix. I weigh 14 pounds and am growing fast.    I am a love bug!
My foster mom says I’m perfect. I love to play!
I play well with my sister and my foster mom’s big dogs. I also play well with kids and love to cuddle and get kisses.
I enjoy being outside playing with my toys and balls. When I’m inside my foster mom has lots of toys and chew bones that keep me occupied. I am doing very well at potty training.
I am great in the crate and tend to sleep through the night after a full day of play.
Will you be my new lucky forever home? I am being fostered in Austin.
Hello, my name is Harley!
I will be available for adoption the beginning of April 2024.
I am a four month old beautiful border collie mix.   I weigh 12 pounds and am growing fast.
My foster mom says I’m perfect. I love to play and run!  I play well with my sister and my foster mom’s big dogs.
I also play well with kids and love to cuddle and get kisses. I enjoy being outside playing with my toys and balls.
When I’m inside my foster mom has lots of toys and chew bones that keep me occupied. I am doing very well at potty training. I am great in the crate and sleep through the night! I am learning commands and am so smart.
Will you be my new lucky forever home? I am being fostered in Austin.
Aloof doesn’t even begin to explain it!
Meet Miro - wonderdog and wonderful dog 🐕.
Miro is a 2-3 year old purebred Aussie. And no, he isn’t ignoring you - he’s just a little extra special and deaf 🧏
Miro is the result of some bad breeding but that doesn’t mean he’s a bad dog, he’s the sweetest ball of energy you’ll ever meet!
Miro would love to find a home where he is either an only dog or with a dog who is just as playful as he is. Miro doesn’t understand the largeness of his bark and when he gets excited with other dogs he can be quite chatty!
Miro is house trained, crate trained and is doing well on a harness vs a leash.
Miro just needs someone willing to look past the fact he’s deaf and realize he’s a brilliant dog who wants his own brilliant home!!
Screen Shot 2024-04-14 at 11.55.51 AM

Harper - 1126: Pending

Meet Harper!
Harper is estimated to be 1-1/2 years old.
She is 39 pounds, healthy, vaccinated, and will be spayed mid-May.
Harper was found as a stray so we don't know much about her past or her previous name.
She knows her new name well though. She is a great girl who loves dogs & children, is crate trained, potty trained & knows how to use the doggy door.
At first Harper can be shy/timid, but she has really blossomed in her foster home.
She loves to cuddle.

The ideal home for Harper would be a moderately active family, children would be a plus (but not a must) & allowing her to be on furniture as she loves  couches and beds.

A home where her family aren't big travelers as a boarding situation would be extremely stressful for her.   If you're interested in potentially adopting this sweet girl please submit an application

 They don't come any cuter than Miss Mabel!
This 4 month old female Border Collie mix will absolutely melt your heart.
Currently weighing 17 lbs.

She's young so she's learning a lot right now, but she is a quick and willing student.

She sleeps great in a crate and is working on potty training. She knows sit and stay.

We have 5 other dogs who Mabel enjoys playing with. She has a serene soul, is not much of a barker, and can, of course, turn the puppy spunk on after her nap. 🙂

Mabel is going to be a blessing to her furever family!

"BCRR's TURN N BURN" Call Name: GOOSE is, just like his name, an all action boy.

He is a 45lb, 2 year old healthy, neutered male.  He loves to go and do just about anything with you and bonds easily with new handlers.

Although he is energentic, he does have an off switch and his basic needs can be met with a couple acitvities a day. He enjoys playing with other dogs, going on walks, playing ball or frisbee and is obsessed with swimming.

He is good with cats, other dogs of various sizes, chickens, and kids! He is house trained, rides well in the car and crates very nicely.

He enjoys his crate, but would prefer to sleep on the bed with you overnight! He is not a velcro dog, but likes to snuggle and be close, especially at night.

Goose knows sit, down, stay, say hi, and "be sad." He is a generally very happy boy and is adaptable to new home environments.

Goose already has a Junior Dock Diving title, he shows alot of promise as a disc dog, and has started agility foundations (just need to finish up training his weaves!).  He will need to continue working through arrousal issues at competitions to be successful.

Now the "work in progress" part: Goose needs a firm handler to teach him boundries and enforce rules. He has a desire to learn and is easy to train, but is still working through some behavior issues.

He tests out the rules in new environments and without consistent and clear boundries he will run all over his owner (counter surfing, getting into trash, lunging/pulling on the leash, high pitched excited barking, fence running/fighting, jumping on others, etc). He has made MAJOR gains in his behavior in a short time. Most of his issues stem from over arrousal and lack of activity.

Keeping him busy and continuing drills that require him to use self-control will definitely help these issues. His new owner must be commited to behavioral training. Inconsistency will set his progress back.

Goose's owner passed away this spring, but he has been in the care of her friends for several months while she was ill. She was my dear friend and a BCRR volunteer.

He is a beautiful dog with many good qualities, but will need a home that's a good fit for him. I look forward to talking to anyone that might be interested.

His ideal home has a playmate or very active owner, large FENCED  yard (recall is a work in progress), and most importantly an owner that's committed to continuing his training.

He'd love it if his owner worked from home part of the time - he hangs out with me in my office really nicely. He loves children, but due to his jumping, older kids might be best.

Meet Dottie! She is a bundle of sweetness and charm! Dottie is 3 years old and weighs about 65 lb. She is spayed, microchipped, and up to date on vaccinations and preventive medications. She has a super chill personality and is looking to live a simple life with her fur-ever family


She would love a family who has:
🐕 a yard where she can run, play, and look for squirrels 😉
🛋️ a couch where she can snuggle with her fur-ever people (her favorite time)
🛏️ a dog bed for when she wants her space
🎾 toys to keep her entertained
But, most importantly, she just wants people she can call her own!

Dottie had a rough start; she was surrendered while pregnant and unfortunately lost her babies. But, her personality blossomed over the past couple of months, filled with love and happy energy, making her the perfect family dog. She is housebroken, crate-trained, and knows commands like "sit," "paw," "touch," and "wait," and she's ready to learn more. Don’t be fooled by her cute face. She is super smart!

Dottie adores children but is unfamiliar with cats and can be selective with other dogs. She prefers calm dogs that don’t overly invade her space, but she will give lots of body language signs when a dog is too much for her.

One of the new things for her was walking on a leash. As a herding breed, she has a natural inclination to chase. However, she has made great progress and no longer chases every moving thing. Squirrels, however, are too fun to resist playing with 🙂 She is learning not to become overstimulated and walks pretty well in less busy areas with a longer leash.

Barbie is a feisty girl that came to DFW via Amarillo.
She is about 4 yrs old, weighing about 37 lbs.
She's a tripod, but this absolutely does not slow her down. Barbie would do best in a mid-level activity home.
She enjoys fetching tennis balls, walks (she is still learning how to walk on a leash), play dates, and visits to the dog park - but she does not get restless if days are skipped due to weather, etc.
Barbie previously had a family that loved her but fell on hard times, leading her to be with BCRRT.
She loves with her whole heart and is learning not to resource guard her humans from other dogs in the home. (Sometimes she wants the attention all to herself.) Because of this Barbie would do well as an only dog - or with the right personality match of a canine sibling.
Barbie's ideal day would include a morning pet session, nice breakfast, chasing squirrels, and a good nap.
Note: She is up-to-date on her shots and other medical care and has fully recovered from her amputation. She is potty trained, and has never had an accident inside the house. She has even learned to use the doggie door by watching her brother and sisters.