Available Dogs

Available dogs are vetted and up-to-date on all vaccines. We are constantly updating this page with new furry friends. We encourage you to select your new companion by considering each dog’s individual personality and pet qualities instead of relying on a certain look and feel.


Foxtrot - 912

I am a 40-ish pound, mature, 7 year old border collie with the need for a human companion to call my own. I don’t think I am all that picky when it comes to my future forever human. Just that, I be the only pet that can have your attention and snuggles! Is that so much to ask for?

Wherever you are, that is where I want to be too. Apartment life? Okay! Big backyard, sure! But really, I want someone who can cuddle me when there are thunder storms, and call me their forever.

I'd be a great walking companion, or maybe even try me with some sports! I am a fast learner and very light weight! (Except when i am dead asleep and super comfortable, good luck!)

I am very much a velcro dog, and LOVE to play with toys and balls.


Foxy Roxy - 915

Roxy is just the sweetest girl ever. She loves hugs and treats but can be shy with strangers (until they give her a treat). She gives great kisses, is a snuggler and loves her people.

Roxy is a high energy smart pup who I believe would do best in a home with another active dog. She loves ALL other dogs and begs my old dogs to play but they are just annoyed. She instantly hit it off with the neighbors dog who comes over for non stop play. She is not dominant or aggressive.

She just wants to play but needs to be monitored and trained, so a cat free home might be best.

She uses a doggie door and is doing good with potty training. She goes right into her crate and waits for her treat. She loves her toys and bones but, as with all pups, she needs to be watched/trained for chewing…that’s what pups do.

We were born in January 2021 near Amarillo in a litter of 5. Our litter was taken away from a neglectful breeder and somehow we found ourselves in an overcrowded shelter with lots of other dogs from his house, until BCRR discovered us there and their volunteers sprung into action to break us out. It was a crazy long ride, but, we moved to a loving foster home in N. Texas on July 10th.

We are looking for separate homes to adopt us. Our foster parents think we're THE BEST, we will miss them and our sisters, but, we're ready to settle into my own family, people that will cuddle us constantly, take us to training classes, teach us to play fetch and keep up with our crate and leash training.


Briar Rose - 881

Let me tell you a little bit about myself - I was a stray found with my sweet brother in Dallas. Someone saved us, took us to the shelter and we hung out for a couple days until my foster mama saw me online and just had to save us!

They estimate me to be around 3-4 months old. I am spayed (we know we know…don’t get us started) and I am up to date on all my shots! I’m around 18lbs.
I have big ears and I cannot lie, they are my best feature! Or so my foster mama says. I am currently in the FW area.

I’d love a home with people who are looking for a young pup full of love and possibilities. I am working really hard on my potty training and have managed to go all night without having an accident recently! Everyone was so proud of me.

I get along with all size dogs, as long as they are okay with me licking their noses! And I live with a cat…she’s mean so I try not to annoy her too much. I love cuddles so much and will happily jump up in your lap for a nap!


Sparky - 895

Hey there friends! My name is Sparky but my foster mom calls me Sparkle Butt sometimes…so embarrassing!

I am a neutered male, around 1-2 years old, weigh 58lbs and I’m all fluff and fur! I’m currently in the DFW area too! Mama thinks I’m a BC/GP mix or something similar.

If you’re looking for a giant goof ball who loves to run around the backyard and chase bits of fluff and the occasional tennis ball but also loves a good cuddle under the blankets while getting all the pets, I’m the dude for you! I get along really well with all my foster friends too, so dog pals are welcome!

I’m in search of my forever home and I’m hoping that comes with another medium-large dog friend who wants to play. A home with people to love and spoil me with treats and a family who wants to enjoy life with a goofy, giant lap dog who just deserves it all! But no cats…man those things are scary!


Sky Blue - 267

Can you not find a more fitting name for these stunning blue eyes?!

She’s a roughly 6 year old Border Collie mix at about 45 lbs in the Austin area, but happy to travel to find the perfect home. She was given up because she was, get this, too friendly. A sweet natured and lovable gal that just wants to say “hello 👋🏼 “ to everyone!

If you’re looking for a cuddler, she’s the ONE for you! Potty trained and ready to fetch, she will do great as a single dog or with friendly fur companions. Sky is learning how to crate train and have a bit of separation anxiety, but calms down and sleep until you’re back. Her foster parents are currently training her to assure her that they’re coming back whenever they leave the house.


Tucker - 855

Hey there, I am Tucker! Aren’t you already in love with me?’ Why not? I am a handsome and rare brown and white border collie mix. My foster mom calls me a fox dog due to my ravishing looks and sharp mind. I have a laser focus and amazing ability to listen.


Bodhi - 725

Aren’t I the most handsome dog you have ever met?! I am a very sweet boy who loves my humans dearly. If you like cuddles and running around in the backyard, I’m the boy for you!


Caillan - 793

I am a 7 year old healthy, laid back Border Collie. My friends range from a Border Collie to a very spoiled Pomeranian. I get along with everyone but don't like to be left alone all day.


Skeeter - 872

I tell everyone I’m a border collie but actually I’ve got a lot of Australian Shepherd in me. I love to go swimming, explore the woods, play with my friends and roll in anything I can find! I can clean up and be a handsome young man or I can get down and dirty rolling in the MUDD. I don’t do well with loud sounds, harsh tones or a busy environment. I avoid getting into trouble at all cost.