Available Dogs

Available dogs are vetted and up-to-date on all vaccines. We encourage you to select your new companion by considering each dog’s individual personality and pet qualities instead of relying on a certain look and feel. We always highly recommend putting in an application and getting approved before you see a dog and fall in love!

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Boo Boo was found locked up in an enclosure at a Texas panhandle recreational area without food or water. Every effort was made to try and find an owner with no luck. She appears to have been loved in her past life because she adores her foster dad and spends many hours at his feet as he works from his home office. Boo Boo loves to go in the truck, and can’t wait to be your ride or die buddy.

She walks at a perfect heel on the leash and has impeccable house manners. Boo knows basic commands and is completely house and crate trained. We are guessing she is a mix of BC/Aussie and Antolian Shepherd. She is being fostered in the Amarillo area but travel toward her forever family.

Giddy-up Y’all – I’m COWBOY and I’m ready to roll! I am a 45 pound stunning young man, 4 years old, not yet neutered (see why, below). I am very intelligent, high energy, house and crate trained, and good with other dogs.

I am a happy goofball with kind and mesmerizing eyes (the windows to the soul, you know!).  I still have more to learn so a home that knows how to give me lots of positive training and enrichment exercises would be wonderful! I do occasionally mark in new environments, but I am quick to learn what boundaries you may have, and am eager to please.

I sometimes don't know my own strength and can be nippy when chasing, so a home with no children under 10 would be best. I have not been cat tested, but chances are good I’d chase them, too. I can also be a little vocal when frustrated or when I want your attention. And I must say,  I LOVE LOVE LOVE human affection and would love to have lot of it! I am doing better with walking on a leash, and I know a bunch of basic things.

I am food motivated, but more than anything I want to be with people – all people are fun – but I really want MY people! I do have a LOT of energy, so my new home must be able to help me spend that energy in happy, positive ways, or a fur sibling who can keep up would be great! I don’t appear to have any resource guarding issues, but I do react if you grab for my collar (who wouldn’t?) and am sensitive about my paws (nail trimming is a challenge), but trust and good training may resolve those traits.

I have to slow my roll for a while. My previous world did not take good care of me and I am heart worm positive. Don’t let that scare you! I’m being well cared for now and my future care should not be too difficult!

Tucker is a 2 year old male border collie mix who looks more like a golden mix. Tucker is very smart and loves training. Due to his brilliant mind, although he might love you right away, will need time and patience to gain his trust. Tucker is a happy dog and super fun to train.

Tucker spent a great deal of time with one of the best trainers in Texas Karen Deeds to work on his resource guarding and leash reactivity. He now has a great foundation that will need to be continued and reinforced in his forever home. He will come with all the training resources.

Tucker will do best with a person who enjoys training him as much as he does and won’t mind reinforcing boundaries from day one by creating structure and routine which helps to create a better relationship. Tucker will need both mental and physical stimulations. He loves other dogs as long as there are no resources (toys/food) and the other dog is mature and calm.
Training Tucker is so rewarding and fun. He will love you and entertain you with his goofy nature. He loves to talk and will wake you up by making small sounds from his crate. He can be your running or cycling buddy by patiently teaching him your pace. No small animals or cats as he has a high prey drive. He will do best in an adult only home to prevent access to items he may want to steal like children's toys and food.

If you have patience and time and love training an intelligent dog you will quickly gain his trust which is so gratifying. In return you have the funny smart dog buddy Tucker! Tuckers’ trainer calls him a fun jerk with lots of attitude and spunk!

Hello everyone! My name is Willow the wild child and it’s lovely to meet you all! Let me tell you a little about myself - I’m a sweet girl who is looking for a home that’ll take me in and teach me that not all humans are bad. Someone willing to let me zoom around the backyard chasing a ball or another dog. Someone who likes cuddles in the evening and will give me all the yummy treats I deserve (which is all of them, I promise 👀).

I am around 1.5-2 years, up to date on all my yucky shots and fixed. I am around 35lbs and currently in the DFW area! I came to BCRR after being surrendered because I was spending too much time in my crate alone. I didn’t like that, I love people and other dogs too much for that! I’d love a home with another fur friend to help me fully come out of my shell and learn how to be a real dog again.

I need a little work on my leash training but my foster mom says I’m doing so much better than when she first got me! If you’re someone looking for a new adventure, a new friend to enjoy life with and a new friend to keep you active - I am the girl for you!!

My name is Arrow (though my foster mama calls me a goofy-goober) and she says that I should of been born a bunny rabbit 🐰

I’m all hop-hop-HOP around here and I am in search of my furEVER home with people who promise to love me and give me all the cuddles and treats in the world 😬

Mama says these are the facts - I’m around 2-3 years old, neutered and up to date on all my shots! I weigh around 38-40lbs and I have the cutest tail that swishes all over the place. 🐕

I’m dog friendly and would really love a friend to play with if possible! I’m interested in cats but not mean - they are friends not foe!

I am a really sweet boy who needs a home with people who are willing to love me and spoil me rotten. I would do well in a home with slightly older children as I do like to jump and say hi 👋🏻my foster mama wants to find me a home with a person who is willing to partake in training with me because I’m a typical hyper little BC and I think it would be a good bonding experience for us!

Im working on my crate training and I’m getting so much better at knowing I’m not being left alone forever…just half of forever 😂
If you think I might be a good fit for you and your home, consider applying!

Hello There! The name is Jet (Formerly known as ‘J-T’, from my shelter days). I am a lean, neutered, bouncy, approximately 2yo, 37lb border collie mix. My fosters at least say i am an Honorary Border Collie because of my coloring, tail floof and ears.

I am highly food motivated and am quick to learn. I am a huge snuggler and crave attention from my people. My foster dad believes I’d be great for a pre-teen to grow old with and learn new tricks!

I will quickly become a velcro dog to my person. My attachment is part of my personality, I’ve been abandoned a lot in my short lifetime and I have separation anxiety in the form of some excessive drooling. I am being managed with Fluoxetine and my foster parents have seen a drastic improvement with my anxiety since.

Though I know my kennel is a safe space and will readily go in, I can quickly make it a swamp too. Just remember to come back for me, okay? My foster parents think i would be best as the only dog in the home, but with the right experience, may get along fine with another dog around my size. Its a process sometimes but I get along well enough with my foster siblings. I just need time to adjust to change and do it gradually and if you are someone experienced with this, It may just work!

Because of my history of abandonment, I do some resource guarding that will need to continued to be worked with in my future home. Cats are definitely a no go though, as well as small dogs - They just look tasty! Other than that, I am known for getting some serious air time. Mom keeps saying I am a “Tigger”, with springs in my legs? I still haven’t figured out what that is or that I can go over things, including the baby gates in my house.

I can certainly jump to your level though! All i am saying is, just be patient with me and you’ll see what my foster parents see in me! I have a lot of potential!

RJ is an AMAZING, stunning boy who is 6 years old, good with other dogs, loves truck rides, cuddles and doing country dog things! His is a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix, weighs about 60 pounds.

He is always happy and ready for an adventure! RJ is an active dog who loves to be out and about doing things with his people. That could be walking through the woods, filling up deer feeders, playing in the pound with his dog friends or just going on walks.

He’s not a big fan of toys and isn’t good with free ranging chickens. He is food motivated! He can hang in there for a 3 mile walk or an all day adventure helping mow pastures.

At the end of the day he knows how to turn it off and settle down. He enjoys a good days work but has no complaints on takeing a break for a day or two every now and then! He doesn’t mind turning his body into a tiny ball just so he can sit in the same chair as you.

RJ was heartworm positive when he found his foster family. He helped many other foster dog get better and find their own home. He is now healthy, HW- and ready to find his forever people! The best fit for RJ will be a physically active lifestyle with people who can keep up with this very handsome, good boy!

BILLY!! BILLY! Billy Bucaroo that’s me 🤣🤣 I was abandoned as a wee pup and found in the backwoods of Grandview in Feb 2022 when I was around a year old.

I’ve spent this past year learning basic inside manners, how to socialize (no jumping!) and that people might be pretty nice after all. I’m pretty submissive around most dogs and I wag my tail whenever I see new doggies and cats!!

That’s right I’m cat friendly and little dog friendly. I’m one smart cowboy too. I’ve learned to use talking buttons (eat!, walk, outside, good boy) to communicate my needs. I’ve had ZERO accidents in the house.

I sleep in my kennel and I can happily go to my big crate during the day when you have errands to do. I love finding snacks (green beans & cheerios) in boxes and toys. I can sit, shake (with both hands), lay down, stay (while in eyesight), and jump. I’m currently learning how to retrieve my toys! Like any good rodeo clown, I NEED lots of daily activities.

I currently jog 2 miles every morning with an afternoon walk (or two) around the neighborhood. I love zooming around the yard so please have lots of room for me to run! I take a long time to warm up to people, but once I’m comfortable - I cuddle up and give you oodles of hugs & kisses! I’m a protective little cow puncher so

I have a hard time seeing strangers in my home but I’ll wait patiently in my kennel while you hang out with your friends or I can wear my muzzle. I’m currently a 35 pound cattle wrangler, around 2 yrs old, neutered, up to date on all shots and fostering north of San Antonio.

Mykonos is an 11 month old male Tri-color border collie. Isn’t he handsome!? Mykonos is a very energetic boy and needs a lot of physical and mental stimulation. He has been learning how to relax, and has made some progress since he first came into our home.

Mykonos will need an experienced border collie owner that can meet his needs and provide structure and consistency. He LOVES to go outside, so a home with a backyard would be ideal. He is good with other dogs but can be a bit of an annoying teenager. His previous owner said that he tried to herd cats but does not try to “get” them. I have not observed him around children, but he would probably do better with kids ages 10 and up. Mykonos is quiet in the crate when I leave the house, it’s time for bed, and if I leave but my boyfriend is home. If he knows I am home, he will bark and whine on and off. We have been working on teaching him that it’s ok to do nothing and relax when foster mom is home.

Mykonos loves playing tug, playing with his fur foster siblings, getting ear scratches, and training! He now sits and waits to be released before going through doors, is learning the “place” command, and holding commands until he is released. If Mykonos sounds like your type of guy, submit an application and get ready to meet your new best friend! He currently resides in Austin, TX and will be available on May 3rd.

Do you have a CRUSH on me?! You would if you met me, that's why my name is Crush!! I was born Valentine's Day and my gorgeous mama is a (mostly) white Border Collie.

We don't know who my dad was, but my mom is so amazing it doesn't matter to me! Mom and siblings were rescued the day before we were born, and our foster mom took great care while we were being born and every day after.

All through my first 8 weeks of development I was exposed to a lot of interesting experiences which will help me be a well-rounded, happy pup. I will be 12 weeks old soon, and after I get my 2nd round of shots, ready to find my forever home. I have been with my mama this whole time, which is a big bonus for my new family!

I have everything needed to be a great puppy, and hopefully in a home with other puppy tolerant dog(s) who will help me learn to be an extra good girl! I have traveled with my foster mom and have been told I am a perfect traveler and never get car sick! I live with my mom and several other dogs big and small as well as a cat! They are all my friends.

I have learned to navigate stairs and love to get the zoomies during play time! I like to cuddle and be pampered and I really really love toys! All kinds of toys! I even like to make toys out of cardboard and help my momma shred papers she calls confidential, so that she doesn't have to turn on that shredding machine! I love to help!!

I am an easy puppy who loves everyone! I am doing well learning to take potty breaks outside, sleep well through the night, and am happy in my crate when it's rest time. If you think I might be a good fit for you and your home, consider applying

This pup loves her people! Although we do not know her background, she was obviously someone’s beloved house pet that somehow ended up at the Dallas Shelter.

She’s a very calm girl without the high energy of many BC’s. She doesn’t jump on furniture, perfectly house trained, talkative but not barky, can be left alone all day unsupervised and won’t get into trouble. Great on a leash and loves walks, getting used to car rides, not too fond of crates. Not been tested with children or cats. Would prefer to be an only dog. She avoids our younger BC and gets upset with his playful antics.

Some would call her needy, but she just likes to remind you that she is available for more of your love and attention.

Her love language is your calm hand on her head and looking deeply into your eyes. Rosie is a bit timid in new situations and would prefer a stable environment.

Rosie is 42 lbs, spayed, on heartworm preventative and about 8 years young.

Who says Diamond’s are only a girl’s best friend?  My name is DIAMOND, and I am everybody’s best friend! I was born on Valentine’s Day to my beautiful Border Collie mama who is mostly white with a few black spots just like me! I spent 8 weeks with her and my siblings learning how to be the best puppy.

My foster home now has big dogs and a little dog, and I love them all. They have been teaching me the rules and let me know squirrels are not welcome in the yard.

I have learned to go potty outside most of the time, sleep all night long and I am working on some simple commands. I love toys, but mostly I love to play ball!! I am a happy girl who has an off switch when it is quiet time. I put myself in my kennel when I want a nap.

I’m almost 12 weeks old and will be getting my second round of shots soon, so that means I am ready to meet you! I hope you like watching me do my zoomies, I have been practicing a lot!! I am looking for a forever home that will love me and my sparkling personality. I would love to have some puppy-friendly dog siblings, or just people all to my own.

If you need a Diamond in your life, I am your girl! Please fill out an application on our website if you want to meet me as much as I’d love to meet you!!

Darling is one of the sweet young VALENTINE puppies with a good energy balance and exhibits all the charming qualities a puppy owner would desire. She is doing great socializing with the dogs in her foster home. She likes to

play zoomies with the youngest dog while respecting boundaries of the senior dogs. The beautiful balance is when the resident dogs are tired she will plop on a bed with a toy. She loves toys!

Darling loves little humans, she pats her tail super quick and asks kids to play with her. She is sometimes shy meeting new people but warms up quickly. In a short few weeks her foster family has taken her to soccer games, dog friendly patios and businesses to continue to meet new people. She is growing in confidence daily.

The other beautiful balance is her 'off' switch. She sleeps through the night in her crate 8-9 hours. She will whine to let you know it's time to wake up. After potty and a short playtime she is content to relax for another hour. Currently she takes 1-2 long naps during the day in her crate. She does amazing sleeping through daytime noises like the TV, neighborhood dogs barking, hair dryers, and delivery trucks.

Darling is a young puppy that knows to go potty outside. The occasional accident occurs when playing hard or over stimulated.

This cute girl knows to sit when she wants something. She will sit for food, water, or a special toy.
Darling is ready for her forever family. She will paddle her tail like a windmill for the right home and probably bath you in puppy kisses. Darling is looking for an active home to continue her training with love. Would you be her Valentine forever?