Available Dogs

Available dogs are vetted and up-to-date on all vaccines. We encourage you to select your new companion by considering each dog’s individual personality and pet qualities instead of relying on a certain look and feel.

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Meet Angus!
Angus is a 5-6 year old red and white neutered male. He was one of 6 Border Collies that came to BCRR last year from a puppy mill hoarding situation in Tennessee. All of the dogs were underfed, heartworm positive, and unsocialized.
Angus has made tremendous progress over the past year, but will always need extra patience and understanding from his forever family. He would do best with a family who enjoys a quiet home life with no small children. He doesn’t mind the cats or chickens in his foster home, but would prefer to be an only dog or possibly with one very confident, laid back doggy companion.

Angus loves his crate, and sleeps quietly all night. He doesn’t have the typical go-all-day Border Collie energy, but enjoys neighborhood walks and playtime in the backyard. He also LOVES to carry, chew, and snuggle his toys. Once he gets to know his humans, he adores cuddles on the couch, brushing, and massages. He’s done very will with house training, and only rarely has accidents indoors. He’s learning to walk on a leash, and likes exploring at his own pace in quiet settings.

Angus is about 30 lb, vaccinated, and is now heartworm negative and ready for his very special forever home. He is currently located in Central Texas.

Are you ready to mingle with this classic lady? Aislyn is 9 years young and one of the original fosters from BCRRT. Aislyn gets along with every dog she meets. There is still a lot of puppy energy left in this sweet girl, despite her age! She loves to frolic, run and tease. She enjoys taking up the opportunity to play with whomever is awake and willing. Large dogs, small dogs, the pack seems to play well with her. Aislyn’s fosters noticed she is shy towards meeting people and may take some time to warm up.

She would be great in a home with another dog looking for an experienced playmate. She does tend to resource guard from time to time, but when monitoring, it does not seem to get out of hand. Aislyn is spayed, potty trained, crate trained, is 9 years old and is questionable with cats. Foster parents have not seen what she is like with children but images it would be best with children older and know boundaries.


Oh, sorry, where are my manners?

*Sits up straight in front of you waiting patiently for you to give some pets*

House trained, crate trained, and enjoys a little playtime. My foster mom says I am 100% a good boy and doesn’t understand why no one has come to meet me yet? I am the life of the party at the park, greeting every person there and becoming their favorite pup!

Sometimes one of my peskier housemates may push my buttons but nothing that has caused any alarm. I aim to please and really want nothing more than to be next to my favorite person.

I am roughly 6 years old and feeling younger each day I shed the weight. See, my previous family loved me…a little too much…with food. Due to allergies though, they had to give me back to BCRR. But what a delight it has been! I've gotten accustomed to frolicking and playing, going on walks, and being friendly and playful with my housemates!

My favorite thing of all time though is plopping on the couch next to you and shimming into a relaxing evening full of belly rubs and snuggles. My foster mom thinks I am quite the snuggle bear. I get along well enough with others but my foster parents do not think I would be good with cats, children maybe, but it has never been tested.

I am a heeler mix located Northeast of Dallas, My foster parents have been managing my meals and I've lost over 20lbs since coming back to BCRR!

I am 5 months old now, but my fur coloring and sad eyes almost make me look like a little old man! I just took a DNA test and turns out I'm 100%  NOT border collie! But i am over 50% English sheepdog and Staffordshire Terrier so I have soft gray, with some brown fur with little spikey tufts of fur on the top of my head and face. The vet says I will grow up to be between 50 – 80 lbs.

I have had all my puppy shots now, microchipped and the vet says i am a healthy boy!

I'm a little reserved when meeting strangers, so I sometimes give a little bark! Overall, I am very calm and like to sit back and watch the world. I have not chewed any furniture or shoes, but i do love squeaky toys! So my ideal family needs to be sure I have quite the toy box! On occasion I will get the zoomies for just a few minutes with my littermate, Ruckus. Mostly I like to lay and gently wrestle and play bitey-face with the other big dogs. I love to lay in your lap and be snuggled like a baby. I have soft, kind eyes and love to romp and lay in the grass, smell flowers and follow the big dogs around. I currently am in foster care with 4 other dogs, 2 cats and my littermate, Ruckus. I am curious about kids of all ages, but not 100% comfortable with little ones who are super noisy or crying. It makes me a tad bit nervous because I don’t know how to fix the crying!  I just love people! I do bark at the deer who like to stand by my yard and sometimes bark at runners who pass by my yard!  I am super calm on car rides, and I love to go places with my people. So far, I have gone to a farmer’s market, a patio bar, and had brunch at a nice restaurant on the patio. The waitress brought me my own ice water and some nibbles of blueberries, eggs and bacon. It was amazing! All the people there wanted to pet me and give me love!

Even though i am a big puppy, (weigh 37 lbs) I am still just a toddler but i am doing really well learning to potty outside, am working hard to learn to go in my crate for meals and snacks, i am mostly sleeping through the night (11 to 5), learning to walk on leash, and just want a family to call my own!

 I am currently located in central Texas near San Antonio and Austin.

Hi, I'm Opal!  I'm 2 yrs old and they were horrible years.  I was rescued from a shelter in Texas where I gave birth to a beautiful litter of puppies!  Unfortunately the shelter was a really bad place for me to have my puppies and they broke with distemper.  One at a time, I lost all my babies.   I was pretty depressed and the amazing techs and doctors at Green Valley Animal Hospital went above and beyond to help me recover from the losses.   They have loved and cared for me and done so much, I don't think I'll ever be able to Thank them enough!

I'm a happy girl now!  I love other dogs and I call those funny things called cats, friends too!   I know all my basic manners, am crate trained, leash trained, and absolutely LOVE to be petted and hugged and loved!   I would really love the opportunity to find a forever home, one that will play with me and will cuddle with me and never let me go!
Opal is located in Oklahoma currently with her fosters and will travel to neighboring states for her forever home.  If you are interested, please complete the adoption application and ask for Opal!

Boo Boo was found locked up in an enclosure at a Texas panhandle recreational area without food or water. Every effort was made to try and find an owner with no luck. She appears to have been loved in her past life because she adores her foster dad and spends many hours at his feet as he works from his home office. Boo Boo loves to go in the truck, and can’t wait to be your ride or die buddy.

She walks at a perfect heel on the leash and has impeccable house manners. Boo knows basic commands and is completely house and crate trained. We are guessing she is a mix of BC/Aussie and Antolian Shepherd. She is being fostered in the Amarillo area but travel toward her forever family.

Our Mr.Handsome Briggs is searching for his furever home and is hoping it might be you!

Briggs is your typical young BC who would love a home where they are willing to grow and train with him.
Briggs can be a little shy at first but once he warms up - he quickly attaches to his people and will share all the love he has to give you!

Briggs would thrive in a home with older children and dogs who are wanting a friend to play with!
He is around 11 months old, medium sized and UTD on all vaccines. He is also neutered, fully house trained and crate trained and his leash training is coming along fantastically!

Hi I’m Charlee!! My favorite things are belly rubs, ear scratches and more belly rubs!! Charlee’s is extremely loyal and reserved, she loves to shadow her chosen person and will offer the best companionship around! Charlee’s is calm, gentle and retreats to her crate when she’s overwhelmed.

Charlee would love nothing more than to become the worlds biggest couch potato – but at 60 pounds her doctor recommends a couple short walks a day, with special weight control food and limited snacks. Charlee passes manners class with flying colors! She’s happily crate trained, housebroken, walks calmly on and off leash by her person. She accepts all dogs but doesn’t readily play with others because she’s very reserved. She knows several commands like sit, stay, roll over, go lay down, leave it. She’s incredibly intelligent and eager to please.

Charlee deserves someone who will be attentive to her needs, love her shadowing personality, not rush her into large crowds and allow her access to her crate when needed. A small family that wants to see her at a healthy weight by exercising with her daily. Charlie’s a four-year-old, female, tri-color border collie/heeler mix with fur as soft as velvet! She’s fully vetted,spayed and up-to-date on all shots.

Roxy and Charm

Roxy - 967 and Charm- 968

Roxy comes across as a very confident puppy and engages in a game of tug with her 103LB foster sister. Not much seems to bother her and she loves playing keep away from Charm and Phoenix. Both Roxy and her sister Charm like spending time outside exploring and stalking each other and hiding under things.
She is sleeping through the night and potty training is going very well!

Charm is confident and loves to sit back and watch what's going on. As soon as she runs in from outside she likes to jump on the big dog bed and keep an eye on everyone. Play play play and sleep is how the day goes. Charm is sleeping through the night and we are working on potty training. She will give me a little cry when they are ready to go outside to potty!

4 months old currently and located in the DFW area.

This is Chloe! Chloe has very few things that perk her interest after 8 years of life. But her MOST favorite word and activity… is “Walk!?” Ears up, tip toeing, you have her attention! We are at the door and ready to go! Please! PLEASE, Let's go explore the world! Aside from curling up next to you in bed, walks are Chloe’s most favorite activity. Chloe is one of our earlier program fosters, returned to us because of the adopters personal reasons.

Chloe generally gets along well with other dogs, but will make it known that her spot on the bed is hers. Generally, it's also right next to her favorite people. Her fosters haven’t seen her interested much in toys, she is a bit of a recluse, but doesn’t mind the attention. She can be very attentive to her human and will lovingly kill a vacuum for you.

Chloe is spayed, 8 years young, house trained, crate trained, and 100% sweetheart. She has nailed the puppy eye look and ready to charm her way into your heart. Chloe has not been tested around kids, and found cats are also on that short list of peaked interests. She is thriving but looking for someone active to take her places to explore, a best friend for life. Chloe resides northeast of Dallas but fosters are willing to make arrangements to meet up with potential adopters.

Hello my name is Coal. I am 13 weeks old. I am a Border Collie X Australian Kelpie mix. I weigh 13 pounds right now and am estimated to be between 40 and 50 lbs full grown. I LOVE others dogs. My foster sister and brother are teaching me how to play, fetch, and tug. I love my foster cat siblings as well. Because I am a puppy it's very tempting to play with them but mom taught me to ignore them until I have less puppy energy. I love every one I meet.

I love kids big and small. I crate at night like a champ. I kennel when left home alone but am not a fan of it and sometimes bark. I am good and keeping myself entertained when the other dogs are tired. I am as good as it gets with potty training for a puppy and will be fully house broke in no time as I already know to go to the door to be let out(I'm still just a baby and you have to pay attention!).

I am super smart and already know my basic commands. I am also very energetic. I will do best in a home with another young dog(s) to play with, someone who wants a running buddy, or a family who wants to give me a job! I definitely have a serious sniffer and may even be good at scent work. But most of all I want someone to cuddle me and love me forever. I had a pretty hard start to life. My mom and dad were surrendered to the shelter to only be euthanized because the shelter was beyond full. Then me and my siblings were surrendered to the same scary place. Luckily, I was rescued from there. Just in time because I became very sick from parvo virus and had to be hospitalized for over 48 hours. Then my foster mom nursed me back to health. Now she just wants a forever home for me. She loves me a lot so only serious and puppy experienced applicants, please!

Hi! I’m Horace! I came into rescue with six brothers and sisters when I was just five weeks old. I am almost five months old now, the two brothers who came to this foster home have been adopted, and im still waiting! We came to border collie rescue because we are black and white, but guess what? DNA tests show that we’re designer dogs! I’m a cross of Old English Sheepdog on one side and American Staffordshire Terrier on the other! So I am a scruffy, big boy! My foster mom thinks I will be about 70 pounds when im grown, but I love snuggling in your lap. I hope I don’t get too big for that!

I love other dogs and new people once I have a few minutes to get used to them. There’s a cat here, and she’s very fun to chase. She doesn’t seem to like me too much. But my dog brother and sisters sure do! We play and play and play. I try very hard to be a good boy. If you take me out often, I try hard not to potty inside. I’m teething, but I try to chew on things that belong to me. I am great in my crate, I know sit, I can touch a target, and I’m working on other things that my foster mom tells me that grown-up good dogs know. She uses a clicker and treats to help me learn, which is so fun!

I like to play with toys and chew bully sticks. I love my foster home, but my foster mom says that a home of my own is out there somewhere. I’d love a big yard and a dog playmate, and maybe a chance to do Rally obedience or learn a lot of tricks—I really am a quick, eager learner. I make my foster mom smile so much, and I know she loves me a lot, but she wants me to be the center of someone’s world. She says I can be someone’s heart dog, I am that special. And I believe her! Am I your heart dog?

Howdy!! My name is Scout and I am a 14-week-old Border Collie/Kelpie Australian Cattle dog mix who
will warm your heart as soon as you meet me. I came from a shelter in the Lubbock area with my 2
sisters and my brother. Unfortunately, 3 of us got sick with this nasty virus called Parvo a week or so
after being rescued. The GREAT news is that I am a normal, healthy puppy with ZERO side effects from it
and have lifetime immunity. According to my foster mom, I have always been an overachiever in the
crate, potty training, and basic commands arena. I have supersonic speed and jumps which makes me a
natural at frisbee. I LOVE water and hop with all fours right into my puppy pool. It is SO much fun!! My
foster mom says I have great potential to be an agility or flyball dog or just be active with my future
family. I love food, people, all kinds of toys, dogs, and learning. I have not been tested with kids or cats,
but I may be better with older kids because I have a natural herding instinct and love to play chase. I do
not bite or lick and love belly rubs, kisses, and being held like a baby. So… What do you say? Are you
my lucky forever family? I am being fostered in the DFW area.

I have a perfect heart-shaped nose and a very handsome mustache which reflects my loving personality and debonair masculinity!  I love to be close to you, follow my foster rmom around like a little shadow, really enjoy meal time and im just the cutest wiggle-butt pup!

I am 5 months old now. I just took a DNA test and turns out I'm 100% not border collie! But i am over 50% English sheepdog and Staffordshire Terrier so I have soft black fur with little spikey tufts of fur on the top of my head and face. The vet says I will grow up to be between 50 – 80 lbs.

I have had all my puppy shots now, microchipped and the vet says i am a healthy boy!

Don't let my name scare you. When i was a little tiny baby i really barked a lot and raised a ruckus because I was so scared to be away from my mom. But I'm actually a really chill boy with a most excellent temperament! I definitely have an adventurous soul and love to go exploring! But if you clap your hands and call me over in an excited voice, it makes me come running right away because i have a fear of missing out! Are you fun? Wanna go have fun together? Like hiking? Climbing rocks? I'm ready! Let's go! BUT I also settle down very quickly, snuggles are the best, I love to nap and often I sleep with my little tongue out!

I currently am in foster care with 4 other dogs, 2 cats and my littermate, Bailey. I love kids of all ages, really, I just love people! I do bark at the deer who like to stand by my yard and once i even tried to befriend a raccoon! I love to go on car rides and everyone at vet clinic LOVES me!

Even though i am a big puppy, (weigh 37 lbs) I am still just a toddler but i am doing really well learning to potty outside, am working hard to learn to go in my crate for meals and snacks, i am mostly sleeping through the night (11 to 5), learning to walk on leash, and just want a family to call my own!

My ideal family would be humans who like to cuddle on the sofa, go for a walk or maybe even a run, will play with me with toys, consistently work with me on puppy manners. I am very smart and treat motivated! I would probably like a brother or sister because I am so used to a whole houseful of furry siblings, but I’m flexible!

I am currently located in central Texas near San Antonio and Austin.

Well hello there!!! My name is Sage and I am a 14-week-old Border Collie/Kelpie mix girl whom you will
fall in love with from the moment you meet me. My foster mom calls me Sweet Sage. I came to my foster home from a shelter outside of Lubbock with 3 of my siblings. A few days later, I came down with
this nasty virus called Parvo and had to be rushed to the emergency hospital and stay there for a day
and a half. My foster mom was really scared because I was pretty sick. But…. I bounced back really fast
and haven’t looked back.

I am a normal, active girl with no side effects and lifetime immunity from the P word. I am super smart, super fast, super loving, and super sweet according to my foster mom. I have
mastered the whole sleeping in my crate for 7-8 hours per night thing as well as basic commands, potty
training, and am on a schedule. I love other dogs, toys, sometimes shoes (I am learning), my puppy pool, and hanging with my people. I am a cuddler and don’t lick or puppy bite. My ideal forever home would be one with an active family who will continue to stimulate my natural talents, have some dog friends, and maybe have a pool (even if it is a puppy pool) because I LOVE jumping in water. Older kids are preferred because I have a natural tendency to like ankles when people are running (can’t change my genetics). I have great potential to excel at agility, flyball, and/or nosework in the future.

My foster mom says I am her favorite (don’t tell Scout) because I am pretty easygoing, a fast learner, and cuddly. So… how about filling out that application and meeting me? I am being fostered in the DFW area.

Meet Sammie, a BC mix, male, 40 pounds, neutered, and UTD on all shots and HW preventative. He is around 6 years old. Sammy is a sweet and very shy dog. He is not comfortable around men, he is not mean, just won’t stay in the room with them. He is great with cats. Small kids easily startle him and he will hide. His foster home has spent time letting Sammie gain confidence. He is now more at ease around strangers. He needs to be allowed to warm up to people at his own pace. Forcing this guy will only increase his anxiety.

Once this boy gets to know you, he is loving, and seeks attention. He likes to be in the room with his people and will lay his head in your lap, or hang out on a bed or cool tile with a toy. We do not know what his background was that caused him to lose trust but we are pretty sure it had to do with a man. Sammie is a gentle soul, even with his anxiety, has never lashed out in fear. He is very treat driven.

Sammie would be best as an only dog, with no small children, and may never approach the man in the house. He would be best in the home of women only. He craves attention and will be your shadow once he warms up to you. He is a calm, low key dog and will go to his crate if he is uncomfortable. His foster home keeps a nice plush dog bed and chew toys for him in his crate, and is a haven where he can decompress. At night he loves to be in the bedroom with you on a nice big comfy dog bed. If you can find it in your heart to be a patient home for this boy, you will have a best friend for life. Please someone step up for sweet Sammie, he deserves a home!

Tucker is a 2 year old male border collie mix who looks more like a golden mix. Tucker is very smart and loves training. Due to his brilliant mind, although he might love you right away, will need time and patience to gain his trust. Tucker is a happy dog and super fun to train.

Tucker spent a great deal of time with one of the best trainers in Texas Karen Deeds to work on his resource guarding and leash reactivity. He now has a great foundation that will need to be continued and reinforced in his forever home. He will come with all the training resources.

Tucker will do best with a person who enjoys training him as much as he does and won’t mind reinforcing boundaries from day one by creating structure and routine which helps to create a better relationship. Tucker will need both mental and physical stimulations. He loves other dogs as long as there are no resources (toys/food) and the other dog is mature and calm.
Training Tucker is so rewarding and fun. He will love you and entertain you with his goofy nature. He loves to talk and will wake you up by making small sounds from his crate. He can be your running or cycling buddy by patiently teaching him your pace. No small animals or cats as he has a high prey drive. He will do best in an adult only home to prevent access to items he may want to steal like children's toys and food.

If you have patience and time and love training an intelligent dog you will quickly gain his trust which is so gratifying. In return you have the funny smart dog buddy Tucker! Tuckers’ trainer calls him a fun jerk with lots of attitude and spunk!

Hello everyone! My name is Willow the wild child and it’s lovely to meet you all! Let me tell you a little about myself - I’m a sweet girl who is looking for a home that’ll take me in and teach me that not all humans are bad. Someone willing to let me zoom around the backyard chasing a ball or another dog. Someone who likes cuddles in the evening and will give me all the yummy treats I deserve (which is all of them, I promise 👀).

I am around 1.5-2 years, up to date on all my yucky shots and fixed. I am around 35lbs and currently in the DFW area! I came to BCRR after being surrendered because I was spending too much time in my crate alone. I didn’t like that, I love people and other dogs too much for that! I’d love a home with another fur friend to help me fully come out of my shell and learn how to be a real dog again.

I need a little work on my leash training but my foster mom says I’m doing so much better than when she first got me! If you’re someone looking for a new adventure, a new friend to enjoy life with and a new friend to keep you active - I am the girl for you!!

Meet Izzy!

Izzy is searching for a forever home. She thought she had one but her daddy passed away and she guarded his body for 5 days until the local authorities discovered his passing.  Izzy became very depressed, ending up in a noisy shelter with strange people and smells.
Izzy is 5 years old, spayed, recieved all her vaccinations and is heartworm negative.  Her teeth are beautiful and she was clearly loved.  She is on the bigger size for a BC mix (likely BC and Anatolian Shepherd) and weighs 65 lbs.
She LOVES little dogs, LOVES THEM!!  Her best friend is a 5 lb Papillon!   She is good with most dogs unless they are anxious.  She is very uncomfortable around anxious dogs.    She has a large bark and is very vocal when playing and smiles a lot so this can be scary to folks not used to this play style.
Housetrained, crate trained and rides perfectly in the car.  Does well with stairs and loves to cuddle in bed.  She is perfect on walks with a loose leash, no pulling!  She also loves men!  She seems to gravitate toward men but truly loves everyone.
If you're interested, she is available and desires a family she can love and watch over.

I am a 6 1/2 month old female Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix, but I look like a Border Collie. Right now I weigh @25 lbs, still growing, with legs out the wazoo! I’m 19 inches tall at the withers (shoulders). I’m living with my foster mom & dad in the Dallas area along with a bunch of other dogs and a few cats. Boy, do we have fun!! The cats won’t agree, but they’re fun when they run and I chase them! My foster mom says not to do it and sometimes I even listen to her. She says I probably shouldn’t go to a home with a cat or cats, unless they will stand their ground and not run. Those cats are boring!

I have a blast with the other dogs. There are a couple of border collies, a pitbull - he’s very nice and likes me - a Pekingese who can be kinda grumpy so I respect his space. He actually tugged with me one day!! My favorites are a Catahoula mix, weird breed, huh?!? named Dudley and Swish, a 9 year old Border Collie. They like to run with me, zoomies around the backyard!! Dudley wrestles with me, too. I was in a home with a 4 year old girl that I liked to run up behind and nip her on the rear! Sometimes I jumped up on her, but that scratched her, so her mom decided I needed to go to another home without small children. That’s when I went to my foster home. I was only about 4 months old then.

My foster parents play lots of games with me. They say they need to “run my energy out” - HA! Fat chance! They’ve only been able to do that a few times. I love to fetch a tennis ball, a stick, a floppy frisbee, even a fleece braided tug toy!! I love my tug toy ‘cause I love to tug! I also love treats - actually, anything edible and I have tried to eat a lot of stuff. My foster mom sometimes takes stuff away from me, but she gives me something else to chew on instead, so that’s ok.

My mom thinks I should go to a very active home. One that would do stuff like agility, flyball, barn hunt, even Nosework/Scentwork! My mom and Swish go places to compete in Nosework/Scentwork, so she’s taught me a little of it and I’m pretty darn good at it!! That’s because I get yummy treats for finding these weird smells. Piece of cake for a pup as smart as me!! Speaking of smart, I am house trained, know sit, down, a short stay, to give my paw and other paw, get it, give, leave it, Yes!! and Good Girl! I like those last two. I am crate trained, but I do bark at the cats or other dogs who walk by or go outside before I get out. I’m learning to be more quiet, but it’s kinda hard! I do sleep all night without barking, even if a cat walks by quietly. I’m pretty good on lead/leash. I might pull a little, but not much or hard. My foster mom uses a rolling walker, so I have to be good for her when we walk. I don’t “resource guard,” whatever that is. Mom told me to put that. She can take anything out of my mouth.

I don’t get upset if another dog gets a treat on the ground near me. I’m cool! If you think you’re up to adopting me for your forever fun girlfriend, then fill out an adoption application for me at the website address listed below. I’ll be waiting!!!