I Want To Adopt A Border Collie!

Great! We’re happy to hear that – we really want you to adopt one of our Border Collies! Before you apply, there are few things to consider, in order to make sure that you get the dog you’re looking for and our dogs get the people they need.

Below is an outline of our adoption process.

Step 1 – Please complete and submit an application.  Upon receipt of your application, a volunteer will contact you to conduct a phone interview. From there, if you have other dogs, we will perform a veterinary reference check to confirm your current dogs are current on all vaccinations and heartworm prevention.  We will then contact you to schedule a time to meet with you in your home.  All application information will be verified and we screen prospective adopters thoroughly for approval.

It is important to us that both you and your new family member are happy.  As a result, we do our best to understand your expectations for your new family member and match you with a dog that meets your expectations as closely as possible.  It’s our desire that none of our dogs ever find themselves “back in the system”, therefore we place our dogs only into pre-approved homes.

 Step 2 – The “Meet & Greet”.  Regardless of where our dogs are located, we will work with you to set up a time for you to meet your prospective new family member. If the prospective new family member doesn’t meet your expectations during the meet and greet, neither you nor Border Collie Rescue & Rehab are under any obligation to move forward.

All parties must agree and Border Collie Rescue & Rehab reserves the right to deny adoption at any time regardless of reason.

 Step 3 – Once adoption approval is received, we will work with you to arrange the adoption placement.  An executed adoption contract and a $300.00 adoption donation is required when you adopt one of our Border Collies.  This fee helps to cover our costs which includes all veterinary expenses and microchipping. In exchange you will receive all medical records and microchip information at the time of adoption.

Our promise to you is that all adopted Border Collies have received necessary medical care, are spayed or neutered (unless they are too young to safely perform sterilization; in those cases spay/neuter clause will be a part of the adoption contract) fully vaccinated and heartworm free and on preventive.  All dogs have been microchipped for their safety should they be lost or stolen.  All dogs will be crate trained and know basic house manners.

The adoption contract is a legal and binding contract fully enforceable. Please read carefully prior to execution.

One of the many things that sets us apart from other rescues and shelters, even those that are specific to Border Collies, is how dedicated we are to finding the perfect home for each of our dogs.  Border Collies display many unique characteristics and traits and therefore may or may not be right for all families.

Adoption Application

You can reach us by phone: 972-533-9172
You can send us a letter: BORDER COLLIE RESCUE & REHAB

Allen, TX 75002

BCRR is a 100% volunteer based organization, most of whom involved have full time careers and commitments outside of BCRR. As a result, we work with potential adoptive families in the evenings and on weekends.