#560 Findlay, Male, One Year Old

Findlay is a one year old red and white male Border Collie. He is very sweet natured, gentle and very grateful to be around other dogs and his humans. He immediately attached himself to his Temp Foster’s husband and the two are buddies. He does not bark.
He is great around children and very affectionate towards them. Friends have stopped by our home and Findlay has greeted them warmly and with gentleness. We call him “Red Boy” because he is so kind and patient. He sits and comes, walks on a leash and knows his name. Not interested in balls or frisbees yet! We were told he was found abandoned in a trailer park for two weeks and has been at shelter for over a week. When we evaluated him outside of Shelter he immediately relaxed and followed our commands.
He is still a work in progress as he isn’t totally housebroken. We were amazed that he was not that dirty and his nails had been groomed.
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