Mission Statement


We here at Border Collie Rescue & Rehab are committed to finding a forever home for our Border Collies.  Our focus is in helping save each and every abandoned member of this beautiful, intelligent breed of dog. We believe in making a new and fresh start for every dog, no matter their history, quirks, or special needs.  We will do whatever we can to provide excellent and loving homes for every dog that comes into our care.  Through our partners and fosters, we strive to educate and assist the community in learning how to care for and love these dogs the way they deserve.

Our Goals:

  • To prevent losing dogs to euthanasia by rescuing, rehabilitating, training and placing Border Collies in forever homes.
  • To actively promote knowledgeable and responsible dog ownership through education and methods of positive training.
  • To offer assistance and support to rescue groups, collaborating to successfully rescue as many Border Collies as we possibly can.
  • To match the unique needs and behaviors of the breed at large, and individual dogs thereof, in appropriate homes through a rigorous screening process.
  • To provide excellent emotional and physical care to Border Collies in the exact manner they need, whenever and wherever possible.
  • To promote the welfare and quality of the breed through education of the unique qualities and requirements of Border Collie ownership, before and after placing dogs.
  • To never place a Border Collie in an unsuitable home, and to offer lifetime support to adopters who need a helping hand with their forever companion.
  • To offer assistance to people who are interested in or already own a Border Collie, in any way possible, all around the world.

When you adopt a rescue dog from us, you are actually rescuing two dogs…the one you are adopting and the one that you just made room for so that we can rescue another – James Stevenson