#474 Zoe

ADOPTION PENDING with The Cooper Family

Zoe is a happy, energetic 14 month old puppy who is looking for a new home that can offer her more activity than she is getting right now. She was surrendered to the rescue because her owner was diagnosed with cancer and is going through treatment. They were not able to provide the exercise / activity level that Zoe desires. Zoe is extremely smart, very sweet and super affectionate. She is good with other dogs and people. She behaves well around kids (age 5 +) and adults. Zoe likes both males and females but she tends to get more excited about females! She would probably fit best in a home with at least one grown woman as she and her owner were very close.
Zoe loves food (and is very food motivated) but she is not food protective or aggressive. Zoe is house trained, crate trained, will walk on a leash and can comply with several commands (sit, shake, lay down, get in your bed). She loves to be outside or look out the window. Zoe also loves to chase squirrels and play with other dogs. She likes large or small dogs and tends to be the submissive one of the bunch. Zoe is not aggressive in any way and prefers sweet attention to any other kind. It would be best for an adult to take her for her walks. Zoe runs very fast and she is strong.
Zoe likes to chew sticks, pecans, and other assorted items she finds outside. She also loves her toys and will bring you a toy when you come home after being gone. Zoe is very expressive and will converse with you when she is in the mood to talk. She is good at letting you know she wants something such as food, water, needs to go potty or wants to go on her walk. Zoe adapts to a routine pretty quickly and will let you know “it’s time” for something if you are off schedule.
Zoe would probably be most happy with a family who would take her for frequent or long walks or who lived on some land with other dogs. She loves to be active but is good at cuddling too. Zoe is allowed to get in the chair in her current home while watching TV. She likes to pretend to be a lap dog at times even though she weighs 60 pounds. Zoe knows how to use a Doggy Door but also recognizes when the door is closed (when it is raining). She is very smart and wants to please.
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