#803 Wyatt, Male, 2 Years Old


Hello! Howdy, How are you!?

My name is Wyatt (#803) and I want nothing more in this world, than a human to call my own! My foster parents often call me hard headed and stubborn, but equally so, I’m also a huge push over and I’ve mastered ‘the look’ and am very generous with my kisses. Personal space, what is that? I am an energetic oversized lap dog who loves to dish out the love.

I am approximately 2 years old and 60lbs of fluff! I was rescued by Border Collie Rescue and Rehab, from a shelter in Amarillo, Texas, with my buddy, Quaid (#802). We decided together that we didn’t like that large loud place we were surrendered to and decided to play jail break and book it back home! Apparently that was not enough for our previous parents to want to keep us. So they drove us back to the shelter the following day. It wasn’t long before we were picked up, bathed, and on the road to our foster parents.

I like my buddy Quaid, but I am more his role model than anything. I get along well enough with my housemates, but really, I aim for all the affection myself. Give it, take it, roll around in it. The only thing I love to do more than follow under foot, is play in the sprinkler! OH THE JOYS OF THE SPRINKLER. Water from the hose <3. There are also these small fluffy things that meow at us. I am SO mesmerized by these real life moving toys, that if they dart, obviously, I need to go get them! My fosters would say, under close supervision, I may be able to control myself better around them. I am bigger than them though, and they tell me I don’t know my own strength. I just think, all the more force for you to feel the unconditional love I have to give!

Because of my size and energy, I might not be the BEST choice for a home with small children and cats. Curious if we might be a fit? Send an application my way!