#636, Male, Senior

Hello there, my name is Walker and I am a very handsome dog! But I wasn’t always. When I first came to BCRR my first was a mess with burrs all over! I was found as a stray and had been out for while, I guess I encountered some scary stuff because I can be a little shy at first and warming up to people takes time, but I do love company. Laying near you or another fur friend my size would be lovely!
I’m a BC/Heeler mix and around 40lbs.
I love to go for walks and sunbathing! Sometimes I’m sneaky, I’ll dig holes for fun, but don’t tell my foster mom!
I like to follow you around the house, see what you’re up to and what’s going on in the home. I’m not big on toys, But that’s ok. More money for food and snacks I say!
I will need a home that is patient and loving. I’ve seen a lot of things in my time and I just want to relax, be safe and comfortable and be reminded of how good life can be with humans.

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