#592 Violet

#592 Violet, Female, Under Six Months

Hiiiiiiii! I’m Violet and I was estimated to be born on 11/26/2018! You can do the math I’m sure, so this makes me still a little cute puppy with little sharp razor teeth who loves to chew on bones. If I don’t have a bone, I might take your shoes and chew on them. At first, I wasn’t sure if I was a kitten or a puppy since I’m the same size as the kitten I live with and we act alike and share the same toys, but my foster mom keeps reminding me I’m a puppy! I love all of my foster siblings that I live with, even if they boss me around and try to tell me what to do! I might be little but I have a BIG bark! My foster mom says that I am the easiest puppy that she has ever had, which has to be a big deal because she gives me around 652 kisses a day! Yes, it gets tiring but I love it!  I am crated for 5 hours in the morning and then left out to play for an hour, and then crated again for about 3 hours during the week. On the weekends, I’m usually never in my kennel. My foster mom likes to put me in a big purse and take me around town with her, but sometimes I do get car sick. I will more than likely grow out of this but it could be her driving that makes me car sick! I should be available after this thing called Spring Break, but I am going to warn you, my foster mom is really PICKY! She said I must have a home with other doggies and you have to be ok with an open adoption since she wants to stay in my life forever ever! If you think I’m the one for you, don’t be shy, fill out an application!