#444 Velcro, Female, Four Months Old


Meet Joanna, Whiskey, Velcro and Kris! We are called the Christmas Miracle puppies! We got our name because our momma was rescued from death row in LA. She was diagnosed with these nasty things called Heartworms. The vet checked her out and found she also has breast cancer. So after a thorough exam and xrays the vet suggested to treat her heartworms first and once she is heartworm free, she could undergo anesthesia and have the breast cancer removed. Well momma hid us well! We were only 3-4 weeks at that time and didn’t show in xrays or on the exam! So momma began the initial heartworm treatment and 4 to 5 weeks later we surprised the foster family with our birth at 11pm at night in front of the TV!

Everyone was surprised and started calling us Miracles! Joanna was the first born, then Whiskey was born, then Velcro and finally Kris! Our foster daddy named us after some special people. Considering momma never showed she was pregnant it took a couple days before her milk came in but even with cancer she has been the best momma and took great care of us. We got to stay with momma until we were 8 weeks old and she taught us how to not potty where we sleep and taught us to play nicely without using our teeth!

Joanna is outgoing and likes to play. Whiskey is the smallest and the only male. Velcro is the leader and the one who did EVERYTHING first (first to open eyes, first to walk, first to talk, first to play with toys!) and Kris is the shy one. She is super quiet and thoughtful puppy.

We have just had our first vet visit and got our first puppy shots. Our foster momma says we will get one more round of vaccinations in 4 weeks and will be microchipped (whatever that means!). We are working on potty training and doing really good!

Momma is a Aussie with a great temperament and personality (her name in Maybelle) and our daddy was likely a sweet lab which means we are going to be the BEST puppies EVER! If you are interested in adopting one of us, please apply! Momma will want to check you out and meet you to make sure you will be a great home for us.

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