#834 Tux, Male, Adult

My name is Tux. I’m 7-8 years old, male, and pretty darn healthy for my age! My Foster Mom (FM) is taking care of some hair thinning and hot spots I had from the fleas that were taken care of, but once that is done I’m good to go. I am a talker and will talk to FM for as long as she is willing to talk to me. I whine and rumph, and huff and yip. She tells me it is so cute. I do like soft toys, especially if they SQUEEK! But mostly I like sitting with her and getting petted and will come up on the sofa or bed for all that she is willing to give. I like car rides and walking on leash and sniffing the surroundings. She even took me to Home Depot, that was cool. People stopping and saying hello and the cashier gave me a milk bone! Oh and did I mention I was introduced to Puppaccinos at Starbucks? Yum.
Tux is sweet, good with other dogs in the house, but NO cats. The rescuer that freed Tux from the shelter has grade school children and he was very good with them. He is house broken and learned to use the dog door quickly. At night, when the dog door is locked, he will whine to be let out. He is sweet, and adores attention.
He is medium sized, friendly, about 45 pounds and is on a diet to loose a few pounds to get to his ideal weight. This should help with the mild arthritis he has. He is getting some fish oil to help heal his skin. Tux is a wonder boy and should fit in with an adult couple or a family with school aged children. He deserves a soft doggy bed and toys to fill his life.