#495 Trixie, Female, Six Years Old

Hi I’m Trixie! I am a hunk ‘o energy and love and 6 ½ years old. I may be overweight, but let me tell you, I can MOTOR! When I got to my Foster Home, Foster Mom (FM) weighed me in at 106 pounds! Uh, that is no mistake, really, 106 pounds! I used to eat all my food and that of my Mom and Auntie. FM has me on a diet and I have lost 20 of those pounds, I am now a “svelt” 86 pounds. I’m not sure I like this “diet” thing, but as I lose weight I feel more free! FM says my goal is to be closer to 35 to 40 pounds so I have a way to go… this is so hard.

We are working on house training ( I used to live in a sheep pen), absolutely would rather be in the air conditioning ( wow I’ve gone to heaven), will make sure I am the center of attention, and will play with a ball. I stay in a crate or X-pen well too, preferably inside… remember that aircondioning thing…. Oh and the hose, it is so much fun chasing the water coming from the hose. FM likes to use it to give me more exercise and keep me cool. I have no clue that being overweight is a problem, I run and try to keep up with all my foster sisters and brothers out here. The sheep on the other side of the fence are pretty cool too, I run to the fence and they run away. I like to sit and watch them with my foster brothers Fionn and Scout. I would love a home that would keep me active, and keep me on my diet to reach my goal. I am supremely social. I probably would not be good with cats. I like the training thing, especially the click and TREAT part. FM uses cheerios because they are low calorie. Yum. We also play with interactive toys that hide cheerios, that is pretty fun. FM has told me about obedience and rally and nose work. I think lure coursing could be fun too, you get to chase things as a sport? Really? Oh and hikes…

If you want a Border Collie that will be slim, is very smart and wants to be active with you, I’m your girl! Remember the name! Trixie! Interested in adopting? Please visit our Website to complete an Adoption Application