#774 Tippy, Male, 8 Years Old

Hi! My name is Tippy, or Tippy Canoe, or Tipper Do. I answer to any of them! I’ll be 8 years old in August. I’m a big boy at 58 pounds. My foster Mom calls me a big love bug. It must be because I’m always looking for attention, follow her everywhere she goes, and ask for hugs and pets when I put my head in her lap (I’m tall enough to do that ya know). She says it freaks her out when she rolls over in bed to find me staring at her. I have these soulful eyes that no one can resist. I’m housebroken, have a sit and a recall and walk pretty well on leash.

I’ll be “fixed” (whatever that means….) after I finish my Heartworm treatment. I’ve had a lot of firsts at my foster home, first time allowed in the house (I was a ranch dog for 100+ acres and lived outside), first time to get mats brushed out, first bath (or two), first time to get a blow dry, first time I had pawdicure. I’ve learned to eat when fed with all my other foster sisters and brothers. I really did not like car rides, but I’m getting better. I’ve gone from Ranch Dog to pampered pooch and love it. I’m a pretty laid back dude, and get along with dogs big and small, old and young. I do bark at the neighbor’s cows….. some habits are hard to break.

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