#730 Taco, Male, Puppy

Mhmm, did someone mention food?!

Though you can’t eat us, we are cute enough you might just wish you could.
We are the food litter, one of BCRR’s first 2020 saves after being found living under a trailer in San Angelo, TX.
Our foster mom said we are around 9 weeks old now, we have had our first round of vaccinations and we are soon to be ready for our own homes! We are all about 90% potty trained, we haven’t made a mess inside our fun little dog run in over a week now! We make sure to pop outside, do our business and then find a sibling to run and play with!
We are very eager to always meet new people, we like to eat their shoelaces as they enter our home!
We are smart, loving and a little on the sassy side, but what good BC dog isn’t?!
Taco is a beautiful boy who is currently near 12lbs.

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