#736, Female, Adult

Stella is probably a border collie/corgi mix and is around six years old. She is a very sweet, low energy girl who just wants to cuddle and be close to you on the couch or in the room.

She likes other dogs and will often demonstrate appeasing behaviors such as licking their faces to show she wants to be friends. So far, she hasn’t shown much interest in playing with other dogs, but she does like to be around them. She would be fine as an only dog as well. She is a little overly interested in kitty friends, so she would do best in a home without cats. She really just wants to hang out and be your friend.

Stella does have a moderate to severe case of separation anxiety. You may remember Stella from our recent lost dog fliers. When she first moved to her foster home and her foster parents went to work, she was scared and broke out. She would do best in a home where she was not alone for long periods of time, but when she is, she does well in a sturdy crate such as an airline crate. When you do get home, she is very excited and loves to cry and lick you.

Stella is a little afraid of her surroundings still. She has been too nervous to venture out the front door on a walk or in the car, but she does love greeting people at the door.

She is a very quiet dog and does not bark or run around much. She is extremely well potty trained. She really is just about the perfect companion for someone who just wants a dog to love on and love them. She does currently sleep in the bed with her teenage (human) foster sister, and she loves to just be close to you, usually sleeping at your feet, next to you, or at the very least across the room where she can clearly see you.

Do you think you might be the right home for Stella? If so, please contact or send in an application today.