#716, Female, Puppy

Hi, I am Spring!! I am a 4 month old border collie female who loves to play. My name is Spring because I bounce like a spring all day! I would do well in agility, frisbee, or any other sport. I am looking for a home where someone can spend lots of time with me and not leave me crated all day. I have so much energy I would go crazy and I would miss my people if left alone for long periods. I love kids, cats, dogs, chickens, basically anyone I see. I will need lots of love and guidance and training! The good news is I am extremely smart and focused and easy to train! I already know where to go potty, how to catch and bring back a ball, and how to sit and wait my turn. I am learning how to lay down, spin, and touch things with my nose. I love learning new tricks because that is when I get extra treats. I would love to go to a home where there are other dogs to play with. I love to play play play!
If you think I would be a good fit in your home send an application!