#585 Skylar

#585 Skylar, Female, Under Six Months

Skylar, Female, DOB 1/20/2019
Hi we are Scarlet’s babies. Our momma and us were found behind an old store in a small rural town in a box when we were just 7-10 days old. We were taken to this nice place to shelter us from the weather and they kept us at the front desk with them so we could cuddle with them while they worked.
Momma is a purebred Border Collie. She has strong herding skills but a super soft temperament.
Casanova, Beau, Skylar, Pink and Darling are our names. We sleep most of the night and will ask to be fed and sometimes even ask to go outside. We are getting potty trained currently.
We LOVE toys! We can be a little shy around new people and sounds but we are just babies so we are still learning about the big world around us!
We have our first round of shots and will have at least one more round and get microchipped before we can go to our forever homes.
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