#445 Jet

Evaluated and accepted in to Freedom Service Dogs program

Hi! My name Jet. I was living the life of a hobo, living on a highway out in the country, when some nice people stopped and picked me up. They took me home and tried to find my family, but I don’t have a family. They are letting me stay with them, where I get my own bed to sleep on, Inside! And I get to play with four other dogs, and I get to eat two times a day! Plus treats!! I learned a secret. All I have to do to get treats is to sit when the lady tells me to sit, and lay on my tummy when the lady says down. Now we’re doing other things that she sometimes gives me treats for, but I haven’t quite figured out what I’m doing to get the treats. But I hear her say I’m very smart, so I know I’ll guess her game fast!

I am an eight months old pit bull and weigh 40 lbs. I’m not very big but the lady says I am very muscalar. We went to see a man called The Vet and he said I’m going to be a small dog for my breed. I am happy all the time, coz my tail wags all want to play with all of them! I’m curious about cats, but I’m not allowed to get near the cat where I day long! I love people, especially to lay on their lap and have them pet me and scratch my belly. I love dogs and am living right now.

I love my foster home, but what I really, really want is a home of my own.

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