#714 Ruckus, Male, Puppy

Hi there my name is ruckus! Or at least that’s what my foster mom lady says! She also calls me Ruckus Buckus she says I fly out of my cage so fast I look like a buckin horse!
The vet lady said I am 6 months old! I came to my foster mom lady knowing how to sit and house trained (YEAH!). But, since being at her house I have started learning how to walk on a leash, down, attention, leave it, come, and off. She says I’m pretty smart because Im getting pretty good at the down and attention.
You see I’m a shy guy, I like my foster siblings, though it took me some time to get used to them.
Foster mom lady says I am a little iffy on kids and new people at first, especially when they come into my house! But, I’m getting better everyday and we’re working on it by going places and getting fed by a whooolee bunch of people (can you say spoilt?!).
I like my kong filled with yogurt and peanut butter, I’m crate trained, and I just looovee being around my people oh and with that being said I don’t go far from my foster mom lady I stay by my people pretty much all the time which I hear is really good.
More good things about me are that I can cuddle, I can sit by your feet, and I can definitely play like no other!!!
 Once I know my person I cant help but want to be around them. They’re my best friends.
You see I need a real mom lady. I need someone that will take me for walks, pet me a ton, play with me forever, and never stop loving me. I’m okay with having brother fellas and sister lady’s. I enjoy playing with them. Sometimes I get a little possessive over the toys but I’m getting better and learning that I can only play with my toy; sharing is caring she says!
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