#421 Rosie

ADOPTION PENDING with The Schwab Family


Little Rosie has opened up so much in her foster home and her personality is really starting to shine. We are not sure of her story before she came to BCR&R, but she is quite timid at first and takes a little while to open up to new people and new dogs, so slow introductions are best. She LOVES to snuggle next to her person and keep them warm but is perfectly happy settling down with a chew toy or interactive toy, especially kongs and the pickle pocket. She enjoys playing in the backyard and chasing squirrels with her foster brother, but sometimes he wants to play and play for a long time and she would rather go inside and snuggle. She is about 99% potty trained, sometimes have to keep an eye on her since she is still confused by the one carpeted room in her foster home. She is learning that her crate is her own space and that’s where her bed is and where she spends time when her foster parents aren’t home. She will now go in there on her own and lay down, and will go in on command or when she notices her foster parents are getting ready to leave or go to sleep. Rosie knows sit and stay/wait, and is currently taking beginner training classes to learn other good behaviors and commands like “down” and “leave it” and “drop it.” She is very good on a leash unless something in the environment is scary; she may pull or hide behind you, but just reassure her with a little love pat and she is okay. She is a very observant puppy, always paying attention to her surroundings and the other humans and animals in them. She uses her nose quite a lot, too! Always sniffing around. Rosie will need a family who can build up her confidence and socialize her slowly to new people and environments. She has so much love to give and wants a family of her own.

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