#703 Rosie, Female, 1 Year Old

#703 – Rosie The Panda | AVAILABLE Hi! I’m Rosie. Rosie the Panda Bear to be exact! And I want to be your new best friend, pretty please? I am a sweet girl, roughly 1 years old, a border collie / great pyrenees mix and I’m allllll about playing, cuddles and love!! I enjoy my new foster siblings very much, when I get to chase them around is the best. I’m very dog friendly and will most likely need a home with another fur friend. I’m well trained in a crate, but it’s my safe spot so please don’t let any other 4-legged friends around it while I’m inside, I get a little upset. Other than that, I sleep allllllll night long in my crate and while foster mom and dad are working without a single peep! I like to play outside and run around but I also enjoy cuddles and giving you hugs. Though watch your fingers, sometimes I get overexcited and think they are toys (so I don’t think I’d do well around small children). My current home has puppies and…I LOVE THEM. So small dogs are no issue. And neither are big dogs, because I have a bunch of those in my home too! I’m more on the submissive side anyway, I like to know who is in charge. I would like a home with a yard preferably to run around in and people who want to love me and all my quirkiness. New things and new places can be a little frightening so let me take my time and ease into it because once I’m settled? I’ll show you just how sweet I can be! Want to adopt? Visit our website and fill out an application.