#715, Female, Adult

Hey there friends! My name is River and everyone is a friend to me, I absolutely loooooove meeting new people!
You may have seen so fluffy pups posted recently, not the food litter but just as cute, those are mine! I love them dearly but it’s getting close to being my time up with them and I need to focus on me, it’s my time to shine hehe!
I am a very chill and mellow border collie. The cutest dang markings, including my spotty face!
I love other dogs, they are all friends to me! I’m what some may call the whole packaged!
Good with other dogs, friendly and sensitive with humans and a big lover! I also get along with kitty cats and rabbits surprisingly!
I am around 18 months months old and I weigh around 45 lbs!
I just want a home of my own where we can cuddle, go for walks and maybe have another fur friend!