#320 Riley


Hi, my name is Riley and I am a 1 year old purebred Aussie. I have only been with my foster family for a few weeks, but I love this tiny little human they have for me to play with. I sometimes don’t realize my size and knock her over,, but we love to play and she doesn’t seem to mind. I am quiet in my kennel and completely potty trained. I came from a house with lots of dogs and my current foster family has some too but I had to take my time adjusting to learn where I fit within the furry side of my foster family. I have a lot of energy to burn off but my foster mom says I’m so smart and pick up tricks quickly, especially when they give me yummy snacks. I can’t wait to meet my forever home. Oh, and those weird looking smaller furry creatures I think they call cats? Yeah I don’t mind them, I just ignore them. Although I have done fine with a pack, my ideal home will be with one dog or as the ruler of the home (single dog home).

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