#553 Riley, Male, Under Six Months

Riley is approximately 4 months old (as of 11/6) and about 20 pounds of rapidly growing handsome, energetic, well behaved boy! He has had 2 rounds of shots, waiting only for last booster in a few weeks. He received a clean bill of health from his vet (and does VERY well at the vets office). He enjoys playing with toys, people, other dogs, eating, and snuggling. He is active when out of the kennel but enjoys being in the kennel where he can rest and play at his own pace. He sleeps through the night, has no separation anxiety, is not shy of Foster Mom’s big dog. At 10 weeks, Riley could herd Foster Mom’s dog in to a corner of the yard and keep her there! He loves to run, especially playing chase. Riley will be easy to train, already doing well with basic instruction, and knows to ask at the door to go outside. His large, liquid brown eyes radiate attentiveness. He has a bouncy, playful personality and his vet says he will be “one of the great ones”. His foster mom whole-heartedly agrees! He has not been around children but all indications are that he will do well with any people with proper handling and guidance.
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