#581 Razzle

#581 Razzle, Male, Around a year

Well I have been here for a month! Although, my foster mom hasn’t taken me out all that much this week; she says it’s too cold, whatever that means. I have gone to Home Depot a couple of times, and that was pretty fun. I’m getting used to going to different places, but I am not an expert yet. My foster mom told me that I’ll become an expert! I do have some amazing news, I get into the car on my own now… well, really I crawl into the car, but I think we both know you get the point! Every morning when I get let out of my room, I grab my favorite toy and prance around my foster sister just so we can play chase. I have what she wants, maybe she can get it. Sometimes she does but usually I’m faster! haha Then I sit and wait for my foster mom to put my food down in front of me and tell me that I can have it. I guess it’s a thing she does with my foster siblings so I have to do it too! Then my foster mom lets me and my foster siblings outside. We go to the bathroom, and when my foster mom calls my name and tells me to come, I do just that! I love to come to my hooman. What can I say? My foster mom liked to tell people that I am a very pleasing doggo. Something else you may need to know about me, is that I LOVE to cuddle. I love to cuddle so much that my foster mom says I’m invading her personal space just a little too much. She has to tell me “Razzle, off” sometimes and I do but, I don’t get it! I’m more important. Why cant she see that!

Ohhh!!! One last thing! My foster mom told me that we are traveling to Texas next Saturday, March 9th. Something about an adoption event! I think she called it the IRISH FEST! You see I may be a little shy at first when you see me, but I want my future hooman to know that it’s just a large crowd. I’m still a little nervous to be in new places but I have gotten a ton better. The busiest place I’ve been is petsmart, homedepot, and a dog club. So even though I may be a little shy please still stop and say hi!

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