#634 Raurie, Male, One Year Old

Hi! I’m Raurie! If you want action I’m your boy! I am a busy Border Collie. Did I mention I’m busy? I love to play fetch, play tuggies and shred any soft toy in the house. I like to work, training with a clicker exercises my brain and body. I have a sit, I walk on leash, am housebroken and do well in a crate (if you give me a good chew or stuffed kong). I love to run, have long legs and am still in a bit of a gangly phase. If left alone with nothing to do, I will find something to do, like dig holes in my Foster Mom’s yard…. So we play fetch a lot, with the chuck-it. I got to play with some sheep and show some natural ability (that was WAY cool). I want a furever home that will give me something to do. Agility, herding, flyball. I am not a quiet pet type. Hiking and walks are wonderful, but I really like to do something that works the brain and instinct. Want a sport dog? I’m young and pretty much a blank slate.
Raurie is a male, neutered Border Collie and just turned 1 year old. He is still puppy-ish and full of energy. He needs a sport type home that can harness his strong Border Collie nature. Man this dog can focus, and work. He is incredibly athletic. He is biddable and takes to training quickly. He has some bad habits we are working on, jumping being his main problem, and some food guarding. He “works” other dogs, so if in a multiple dog household, will need to be watched and be with some tolerant housemates. The herding instinct is strong in this one. Give this dog a job!
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