#805 Ransom, Male, Young

Hello my name is Handsome Ransom Brinks!  Handsome- for the obvious reasons. Ransom- because I will steal your heart for the ransom of long walks, lots of chew toys, belly rubs and loyal companionship!  And then my last name Brinks- because I am head of home security  with a booming bark that sounds really scary. (I’m talking to you pesky birdies and squirrels!)

I am still a puppy at about a year old, but also a big boy at 55 pounds.  I still have some filling out to do, so there will be even more of me to love as I mature.  I get along great with the other 3 border collies in my foster home, but because I am a big fellow that enjoys rough-housing,  I will do best with larger, young siblings that have the same need to burn energy..  I will most likely do fine as an only pup in the right environment.  I like the kitties a little too much, so would do best in a cat free zone.  Children are wonderful and I love them!  I get so excited I jump up and the little ones fall down, so my foster mom says I need a home with older children. 

I am a smart fellow and know how to sit for a treat, which I take very gently from your hand.  I can also shake paws.  I am trained to eat meals in my crate, but have earned out of crate privileges when my foster humans are gone. I am a perfect gentleman in their absence, unless those silly blinds aren’t lifted a bit and are in the way of my bird patrol!   I never do my potty business in the house and proudly hold it until I get let out in the backyard.  I sleep quietly through the night right next to my foster mom’s side of the bed. 

My history is a little fuzzy in my memory, but I was put in doggie jail after the scary event called July 4th. No one came to bust me out, so I became what they called a code red.   Some nice ladies took my mugshot and the folks at BCRR saw my handsome self and posted my bail to freedom.  I am being fostered in the Texas panhandle where I was found, but can travel to my new furever home.