#429 Pepe

ADOPTED by The Smith Family!

I’m looking for a partner who loves to socialize, is energetic and wants to be by my side all the time. You have to understand that I spent most of my first 7 months in a shelter. Some people describe me as clumbzie because I don’t realize how big I am and that jumping up is not acceptable. However in the last few weeks in my temporary digs I’ve quickly learned sit, down and stay. I learned about a leash although I don’t care much for it. I rather just walk real close to you as I discover the world. I love kids and other dogs. Haven’t met a cat yet. I am eager to learn and will be your forever partner.
I need a lot of exercise and would be happy to try agility or would love to be a running partner.
My vet thinks I might grow to about 45 pounds. I’d love to check you out to see if you would fit with me.
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