#761, Female, Adult

Hi I’m Panda! My foster mom calls me Panda Panda Panda Bear. I loooove to snuggle with my hoomans and have them scratch behind my ears and my chin. I love everyone. People, dogs and cats. Maybe a little too much because my foster siblings both canine and feline are trying to teach me something called personal space. Not sure what that is but they get a little crabby with me sometimes when all I want to do is play. Mom is teaching me things too. We are working on sit and come and heel. I am doing really well with sit. The leash is ok but I like to run and play and it slows me down. Come is very scary for me. Foster mom thinks someone was mean to me before and it is very hard for me to trust but I am getting better.(She always has lots of yummy treats) We have been working on crate training and I am doing better with that.

I love it here with foster mom and dad and my 5 foster siblings but I really want a family of my own. So here is the deal. You adopt me, love me and let me snuggle on your lap and I promise your life will never be boring and I will love you forever.

Panda is believed to be approximately 2 years old. She is very tiny, only 12 pounds at her last vet visit, so we are not sure what she is mixed with. One thing we are sure of is that she is super cute and lovable. She is UTD on all vaccines, spayed and micro-chipped.