#546 Oscar

#546 Oscar, Male, Two Years Old

Oscar is a smart and very happy fellow! He loves his walks, I know because he keeps showing me where I keep the leash ‘hint, hint’ to me! Car rides, he doesn’t just like them, he LOVES them. But if you want to take a day and binge watch a show on Netflix, he’s down with that, too! Oscar will be happy to lay right next to you, no judgment!

I’ve introduced him to a bunch of dogs and not a single problem! Yay, Oscar! His foster bro will, sometimes steal his bones…Oscar doesn’t care. And he is SO gentle when he takes a treat from your hand! He hasn’t been around children, but if you’re interested in him, we’ll make sure they get acquainted. Oh, and he gets along with cats, best if the cat grew up with dogs, but ya never know!

He’s still learning a few manners, like don’t eat my food off the plate. But I really shouldn’t be eating on the couch! I’m not sure how he would be with younger children,

Simply put, this little man is an absolute sweetheart!! Any stress from the day will melt away when you walk through the door and see Oscar’s big ol’ smile and wagging tail. If you want a smart, loving companion that will make it ALL about you, then Oscar might just be for you.

We have scheduled meet and greets which would be a great opportunity to have Oscar meet your family. Please check our website for the times and locations. Thank you for checking out Oscar-he’s a super dog!

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