#601 Oreo, Female, Two Years Old

Hi, my name is Oreo (#601) and I am a Australian shepherd/Border Collie mix that is believed to be between 1-2 years old and 35# and very active and healthy.  I am stunningly beautiful so a lot of people reach out to pet me before having permission and that’s very scary to me.  Imagine you’ve been hurt before and  a person you’ve never seen before runs up to hug you- I just need to warn them to back off.  I haven’t been able to share my past with my foster parents, but they seem to understand that whatever it was causes me to react (which some people would see as aggressive) out of fear.  When I was first rescued in February I had so many fears that they shelter couldn’t keep me there.  Thankfully my foster mama saw hope and love deep inside me buried behind the behaviors.  She discovered that when I am left to approach someone on my own terms I don’t feel the need to growl, lunge and nip.  She patiently waited and was just there talking low and comforting words that soothed me.  The next thing I knew she had a ball and that is my very favorite thing so she scored some great bonus points with me. After she threw the ball A LOT, I just knew she was my kind of person, so I let her pet me.  Now foster mom and dad are my best friends.  I can safely sprawl out on my back to take a nap.  I wiggle my cute Aussie butt so hard when I see one of them that I actually move sideways. They can pet me anywhere, I show no food aggression. I have learned so much about dealing with my fears in a better way but I have a long way to go so whomever adopts me needs to be patient and willing to help me positively (maybe with a professional dog trainer that has experience with herding breeds and fear reactivity) overcome fear and live with joy.  My dream family would have someone at home most of the day because I need to run and play a lot so that I can make good decisions. I like to play fetch throughout the day and remind my foster family that they should get up and move once an hour with me (hey, I’m looking out for their health- studies show it’s not good to sit for more than an hour at a time).  I like to play fetch, go on walks, play fetch, go to the dog park and play with new and old friends, play fetch, brain games and training time, and then last of all did I say play fetch.  I have learned sit, lay down, take a break, roll over, shake& high five. Leave it and wait are sure hard and I’m trying to learn those but when there’s a ball drop, a girls’ gottta run.  I am not a cat or small child loving dog and need a home free of those distractions.  I show a lot of fear at new people coming over to my safe space (home) so if my new home is generally just the family I am overjoyed.  I know I’ve shared a lot of what scares me but foster mama says that I’ve completely captured her heart because once I feel safe I am a bundle of loving.  I bring joy and happiness as she watches me try to play fetch by myself when she tells me to take a break. I sleep quietly in my kennel all night long and have been left at home alone for 4 ½ hours several times without getting into anything I’m not supposed to. I love to cuddle and be pet once I’ve played fetch a bit. I gaze at my foster mama with such love in my eyes that sometimes she gets teary eyed thinking I was at very high risk in the shelter.  I walk nicely on the leash (except if I hear a ball drop or see a rabbit). I am a team player at the dog park and get along with almost all the dogs there. I come when called and will sit patiently at your feet while you work or eat dinner.  I’m not a barker (unless I’m afraid or answering another dog at the dog park).  I have the cutest wiggle butt foster mom has ever seen.  If you think you have the time, patience and means to help me thrive while helping me become less fearful, then I would love for you to fill out an application to be my new furever family.