#786, Male, Adult

Ollie is a beautiful male border collie, approximately 3 years old and 45lbs. He’s completely housebroken, neutered and UTD on all his shots.
Ollie is a real charmer of a dog, with a sweet, goofy personality and a gorgeous coat. He absolutely loves to run and play with his toys and his people and would love to find a forever home with someone who wants to do the same. He adores snuggles and wants to be near his person all the time. He’s a silly clown who wants to make you laugh and fuss over him!
Ollie gets along with smaller/submissive dogs and would be fine living with one. He would also enjoy being an only dog. He manages with my 3 other herding dogs, but would really love to belong to someone who can give him the time and special focus he deserves. I’m not sure how he would do with cats, but he can be a bit reactive to squirrels and birds, so a non-cat household would probably be best.  I don’t know how he is around children, but older children or teens may be okay.
Ollie is a super well-mannered boy. He is perfect for nail trimming and grooming (although he gets a little worried about baths and loud noises like the vacuum). He is learning to walk quietly on a leash and sit next to you at heel. He is a very quick learner! His recall is improving and he knows to sit and wait before the door is opened for him. He’s also learning to go to his mat to wait for mealtime or to relax when he gets worried or excited. Ollie has a strong desire to please and he tries very hard to do what’s expected of him.
Because he’s experienced a lot of changes in his short life, Ollie can be a little insecure and shy. This comes out when he’s overly excited in behaviors like brief shadow chasing or pacing, but as he becomes more confident in his surroundings and what’s expected of him with consistent love and training, I believe these behaviors will continue to improve.
With continued training, I believe Ollie would enjoy obedience, agility or nose work. He’s truly going to make someone a wonderful heart dog! We love him very much here, and would keep him if we didn’t have so many already. We will miss him, but believe he deserves his own person to see how special Ollie is!