#579 Nova

#579 Nova, Female, Under Six Months

NOVA is approximately 4-5 month old, 20+ pounds, and thought to be a Border Collie mix (probably Lab mix). She is a healthy, happy, energetic little girl! She is ready for her new home. Nova NEEDS a fenced yard (apartment living is not going to be the best fit), an active human/family and another mid-to-large active dog who loves to play!  She is energetic, accustomed to playing HARD with a larger dog who can also teach her manners (she’s a bit attention-demanding!), and may not do as well as an only dog, or with small dogs, unless her human is an avid runner, agility or activity training enthusiast, or involved in a very high energy activity. Nova likes small dogs just fine, but she may be a bit too rough a playmate for small breeds. She plays well and holds her own with her foster sibling who is a fairly intense 40 pound female.

Her vet visits indicated a healthy pup with no known issues. She is up to date on shots, chipped, and has not yet been spayed due to young age. Nova LOVES to meet people (LOTS of kisses available upon entering her space!) and absolutely loves other dogs. She does well with children but has not been around anyone under 8 years old or cats.

She has been with foster mom since mid-January and is learning manners very well. Sit (especially for a treat), Come (because she thinks that means she gets attention!), and Crate/Go Home, (especially following a treat or toy into the crate) have come very easily for her. She’s knows to go potty outside and rings a bell to go out. She is called off of unwanted behavior fairly easily using a treat or toy to divert her attention. As puppies go – she’s pretty easy. And VERY fun. Energetic!! She sleeps through the night and is fine in her crate if home alone. Still a pup, she is not allowed free reign in the home without supervision. A great dog. Someone will be VERY happy they found this pup!!

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