#807 Nellie, Female, Adult

Hi everyone! My name is Nellie (though my foster mom calls me Nellie Bellie!)
Do you like to throw tennis balls and frisbees? Well then you and I might be able to become friends! I am obsessed with the frisbee and tennis balls come a close second.
I am a 7/8 year old female BC who was found as a stray and never reclaimed sadly. BCRRT saw me, my foster mom fell in love and I was whisked to her house in a flurry of love and cuddles.
I really enjoy cuddles and pets while we sit and relax watching tv but I also really enjoy going outside and chasing the frisbee until I’m puffed! I always bring it back but when I want a break? I will hold on to it until I’m ready to go again, did my foster mom mention I’m smart?!
I’m house trained and crate trained. I know all the basic tricks and love attention.
I’ll be on the look out for a forever home that is active and likes to play outside but also loves indoor quiet time.
I will be needing an only dog home OR a home with one other quiet dog who doesn’t get in my face. No cats please.
Will you be my happy forever home? I might be a little older but I’m young at heart and activity!