#398 Murphy, Male, One Year Old, Good with Dogs

Murphy is a beautiful, fluffy, energetic and lovable neutered male border collie mix around two years old. He’s a big guy, weighing about 65 pounds – he might possibly be part Great Pyrenees. He loves adults and children but is not good with small children because he is very big and bouncy. He can ignore cats when in a training session but should never be left unsupervised with a cat because he will chase. He loves being petted and getting attention. He likes to play with other dogs, but he is very boisterous. Smaller dogs tend to be intimidated by him. Murphy does great in a crate and uses a dog door. He is young and still likes to chew so he needs supervision when in the house. He loves learning and picks things up very quickly. He can be a bit bouncy, but with positive reinforcement and consistency, he can settle himself fairly quickly.

Check out this video of him learning (with clicker training) how to give attention:

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