#762, Female, Adult

Hello everyone! My name is Margo and I am a three to five year old Border Collie Mix. My early life is a bit of a mystery as I was dumped on a nice man’s property with a few other dogs rescuers think are my puppies.  I started off skittish and afraid of the world. Through careful introductions and lots of patience, I am coming out of my shell and learning that everything is ok.

I am as sweet as they come and want to lay around the house all day with you.  I enjoy snuggling, sleeping, walks, being groomed, and food! I like to have my one person to follow around and devote my love to.  I don’t mind other people in the home, but I am loyal to my one person. Strangers can be scary to me at first, but I am learning to like them when they have treats for me. I haven’t met any children yet, but my foster family thinks they would scare me too with their quick movements and loud voices. 

My current foster family has two large male dogs who I like to be around.  I don’t really know how to play with them yet, but enjoy chasing after them when they get the zoomies! I do protect my crate space from them and in return I respond very well to gentle corrections from them. I have also met my neighbor’s small male dog and large kitty. I ignore the kitty outright and am very polite with their doggy. 

My ideal home would be where I can have my one person to love, and I don’t mind others being there as long as they respect my space and can go slow with me.  I wouldn’t mind being alone or with another dog, or having cats or other small pets around. While I enjoy following my foster mom around the yard, I would do ok with apartment living as long as I can get some walks.  

I am very low energy with small bursts of hopping around you to show how much I love you!  I walk well on a leash and am a good jogging partner! With some time and patience, I could eventually go downtown and to restaurants with you! In the meantime, I am down to snuggle on the couch with you or go hiking.  Wherever you are is where I want to be!

Come meet me and see how amazing I am!


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