#580 Lulu

#580 Lulu, Female, Under One Year

Lulu had a rough start at life. She might have fallen off a balcony, she might have been tossed out of a car. She might have just gotten lost and fallen off something high. She is not talking so all we can do is guess.
She was found by a good Samaritan in Waco where she was taken to an emergency vet. She had a compound fracture in her hind leg (exposed bone) and a really bad break in her front leg. The vet estimates that she was out on her own with these injuries for 3-4 weeks based on the healing that was already done. She also had cuts on her head and legs so they had to shave her head to check the wounds. Dont worry, that will grow back!
Her hind leg was first, it was really infected and the smell was awful! She had a week of Iv antibiotics then it was amputated. The next morning she was a new dog. She was up and trying to run! They tried to set her front leg, but because it had been so long it was starting to heal in its crooked position. They decided to wait 3-4 weeks to let the back leg heal and then work on the front. It was to be re-broken and her wrist would be fused because it was shattered. The upper leg would be straightened and have a metal plate.
She bounced around happily with her splint till surgery day. Then a miracle happened. She was sedated, had a nerve block, then final pre-op xrays just to make sure nothing had changed. It sure had changed! The bones miraculously aligned and had healed. They decided to cancel the surgery as it was no longer needed! She is starting physical therapy to strengthen the front leg next week but she doesn’t realize that! We have to hold her back. She just wants to run, play, and live life!
She is so bouncy and sweet. She loves to go outside and play but she also loves to chill on the couch with her favorite people. I think she knows that this life is much better than her old life! No more scrounging for food and dragging around broken legs 🙁 She loves life and is almost ready for her forever home!
This girl is very special and needs just the right home. When she first came to us she hated other dogs. She would growl and snarl whenever they would come close. It was most likely because she was in so much pain for so long. She has warmed up to her foster siblings but is still not the sharing type. She will casually play with others but when treats, toys, or a lap is involved she thinks it is hers. She is fine with cats. She would do well in a home with cats, kids, and even other dogs as long as they are not super playful/excitable. She does not like to be alone for long so a home with one person home all day would be best. She is kennel trained but prefers the bed. We have to kennel her at night because I am scared she will fall off the bed right now but after she is completely healed she will prefer a bed to a kennel.
She is still a bit of a puppy (estimated 9 months) and chews. She loves shoes, remote controls (she has been through 3 of ours!), toys, toes, pretty much anything she can fit into her mouth. She loves toys so is easily distracted. She is working on potty training. She just got her splint off a few days ago and is now allowed outside on a leash. The last 5 weeks she was not allowed to get it wet and she was also half shaved and it was cold outside. She is currently potty trained to puppy pads but we are now working on using the bell and door to go outside. Yay! She will need training and continued support. Her leg will be as good as new and being one leg short wont hold her back. The vet expects her to have a full and happy life. She is spoiled and we would do anything for this sweet girl. She deserves it!
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