#301 Libby

ADOPTED – Libby found her forever the moment she stepped in her foster home <3 

Hi, I’m Libby Lou, but you can call me Libby for short. I’ll try to make this quick, but I have a lot to say about myself! The multiple vets that have seen me think I’m around 5 years old, but age doesn’t matter when you act like a young pup! I’ve had a hard life of baby making, abuse, running the streets, and life at the pound, but that all changed when BCRRT came to the rescue! I was very shut down until I entered my foster home. I’ve never seen so many toys, bones, beds, and other friends who all get along. I love my siblings and will need a sibling to help show me the ropes and play with me. I will also need a kennel, but I prefer sleeping on beds, the kennel is still my little safe spot and I like to go in there on my own to think and nap. My foster mom calls me a billy goat for some reason, and I think that may have to do with me eating her sandals and other things I’m not suppose to chew on but I’m getting a whole lot better about that, promise! As stated before, I still have a little work to do here at my foster home until I’m ready, but if you’re interested fill out an application!