#647 Lainey

#647 Lainey, Female, Two Years Old

Lainey is a 35 pound, 2 year old female Border Collie who is the sweetest soul!  She was rescued from the Greenville Animal Shelter as an owner surrender.  How someone could give up this beautiful girl remains a mystery.  Lainey is an extremely calm, laid back young Lady.  She loves just being near her people.  Lainey has meshed in well with her foster siblings-both canine and feline.  She does appear to be housebroken and is continuing with her crate training.  When she was first rescued, Lainey was extremely shy and rather timid.  Over the past few weeks, her personality has really blossomed! When her foster Mom walks in the door, Lainey greets her with excited barks and lots of BC booty wiggles!   She loves running around in the back yard with all of the other pups.  Lainey rides well in the car, walks good on a leash, and enjoys having a bath.  As one can see from her photos, her markings are beautiful!  If you see that Lainey would be a perfect forever addition to your family, please submit your application to BCRR.