#462 Kiwi

#462 Kiwi, Female, Less than one year 


Meet Kiwi! She is looking for the perfect forever home! Kiwi is super sweet and loving with her humans! She loves to cuddle when she’s tired and have her belly and ears rubbed. Her favorite past time is playing with anyone who will play. She likes to play tug with humans and her foster brother and loves to play fetch with her stuffed toys. She likes stuffed or soft toys best. She also likes to wrestle and play chase with her foster brothers. If they aren’t playing she’ll sit and bark at them and bite their legs until they relent. She loves stuff to chew on. However, she is great about choosing toys and dog chews. She absolutely loves going for walks and gets so excited when you start gearing up that she just can’t stop talking! She has the cutest, fun and happy personality and even begs for ice. Just open the freezer door and there she is!! Kiwi also loves to go for car rides and always tries to follow us to the car and loads right up! Kiwi is approximately 1 year old. She has lots of energy, but a great off switch.

Kiwi needs a home with another confident leader dog. She not only needs a playmate, but also a dog who is confident socially. She is very shy with new people and in new places but when the other dogs are around, she follows their cues and relaxes and is able to interact. Kiwi also needs a home without little kids. We have 2 teenagers in our home and she does great with them, and has even decided she likes their friends. But she’s not fond of the unpredictability and noise of little ones and does not do well with them. She is pretty shy and needs time to learn to trust new people and dogs, but once she trusts you, she’s your shadow! We will definitely want to do some meet ups to see how things go before considering adoption. This little girl has just fit in perfectly here at my home and did so very quickly. We want to find an equally great home for her! Kiwi needs a house that is patient and willing to do some additional training to build her confidence. She’s a smart little girl!

Kiwi is crate trained and has been able to stay in a crate up to 8 hours. She will sleep in her crate, but prefers to sleep with the humans. (oops, we spoiled her). Kiwi is fully potty trained and knows how to ask to go outside (although she is very quiet) and use a doggy door.

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