#731, Male, Puppy

Hi? Hello? Excuse me?! Oh…that’s right, I can’t hear you.

My name is Kermit and I’m a very special type of puppy! I’m what you call a Double Merle. And I am the result of some terrible backyard breeding that allowed 2 merle dogs (in my case, most likely a BC and Catahoula) to breed which can run the risk of every puppy having a 25% chance of being like me! Aka Blind or deaf or maybe even both.

In my case, I came out deaf and 80-90% blind!

But that doesn’t stop me! I’m smart as a whip my foster mama says! I am learning to potty train, crate train and I love my fur siblings. I’ve learned to navigate my foster home well (as long as they don’t move a chair or put shoes in my way!)

I am around 6 months now and up to date on all vaccinations, neutered, and roughly 30lbs.
I will be a big dog, tall and lean. My foster mom says my tail is a force of nature and she loves how my whole booty wiggles when I smell her!

I will need a very hands-on home that can limit my alone time, give me the love and kindness I deserve, and can also help me with training. Potty training is coming along nicely but without the ability to see or hear, I struggle alerting you sometimes. I am also learning what a leash is, I walk best on a harness so it doesn’t scare me too much. I work hard for treats and I can sit so pretty!