#873 June, Female, Adult

Meet June! June is the sweetest thing you might ever meet. Her beautiful markings sparkle in the light and we haven’t seen much shedding in her! She is 49 lbs and 1-2 years old. She is house trained… with zero accidents or damage while in foster care.

Her moderate energy would be perfect in a home of a couple or small family. June’s daily activity consists of a good morning and evening walk (did we mention she’s well trained on the leash?), with a play session in the afternoon when she becomes more active. The rest of the time, she can be a shadow following from room to room but laying down to rest, and if you want to cuddle, she’ll give you everything you want. She respects the boundaries you set: for example in her foster the bed is off limits, but she is welcome on the couch. Also, she has no interest in the dinner table, however, she can counter surf if unattended.

Her foster home is working on June’s anxiety surrounding cars and separation. When on walks near main neighborhood roads or busy intersections, she can become slightly erratic but is making progress through exposure and training. Sometimes she just needs a second to stay still and be reminded she’s got a partner. Another anxiety trigger for her are car rides: her reactions are restlessness and drooling, sometimes motion sickness. The car anxiety is not a large concern, and is easily overcome with some planning, an extra set of hands, and towels! June is making progress on is being crate trained during the day and should be in the clear by the time she is available to adopt. Her new partner should dedicate a training regimen early to continue progress. So far, she is neutral toward other dogs, but it can be assumed that she will get along fine as long as the introductions are made properly-she has shown some protectiveness over the home, but it was solved by making a new introduction outside and then moving inside.

The ideal candidate for June would be someone looking for a loyal companion, ideally in a quiet neighborhood, that can give her the love and respect June gives and deserves to receive.

BCRRT is a Texas based rescue with fosters in TX and OK. Our adoption areas are TX, OK and surrounding states, we do not allow shipping/transport of dogs to other states. If you are interested and would like to apply please visit: https://bcrrt.com/adoption/ and fill out an application form.