#806 Jewel, Female, 2-3 Years Old

Sweet Jewel is a gem, literally. She’s 2-3 years, female, 42lbs, great with other dogs, not tested with kids, working on relations with cats and she’s great with new people.

Housetrained, crate trained, plays gently with other dogs, plays with her toys without damaging them nor her bedding either. She eats well, does not beg for food, enjoys baths and keeps her crate and personal area very tidy. She’s fairly low energy and would rather cuddle more than anything or lounge on a big fluffy bed with an antler to chew.

Jewel has been a very low maintenance foster, we think she would do great either solo or in a home with another playful dog(s) – she’s currently living in a country home in north Texas with her foster family and their 5 dogs; they all love her.
Patient, bright and polite! If she is told “no” about something, she’ll never do it again. Jewel loves her crate but does not need to be crated, we leave the gate open for her to use when she wants. She is free to roam our home when we’re away and also overnight but being crated is no problem if necessary.
She’s spayed, healthy and fully vaccinated, currently taking heartworm/flea/tick preventatives.

She’s a treasure with a beautiful silky soft coat, brilliant smile and adoring eyes – a happy and loving little girl. Jewel is beyond compare, we are searching for an equally priceless gem to be her forever home!