#687 Jesse, Male, 1 Year Old

Fun? Want to have some FUN? I’m Jesse and I love to have FUN! I am over 1 year old, but probably not yet two. My puppy days are (mostly) behind me, I am neutered, fully vaccinated, microchipped and HEALTHY! I like to learn new things like how to ring a bell to go outside and I don’t potty in the house anymore!. I love to sit, lay down, stay, and shake for a treat! I also understand “Off” and “Leave It” and “Go Home and am learning “Come” “Leash” and “Up”. I love treats and chew toys and playing with my foster sibling girl dog! Chase! Run! Tag! Wrestle! Then, it’s really fun to come inside and calm right down for a nap on the sofa or a snuggle with my people-friend! Sometimes I feel a little shy when meeting new dogs, people, or going to new places but if my people friend helps me feel comfortable, then it’s all about having FUN! I am not super high strung, do well in my crate, and am learning to be more confident

I’m not sure, yet, about little children as I have only met a few – but I’m very gentle any time I interact with people. I have only been around a cat for a brief time and it ignored me, so I ignored it right back. I look like a big pup in pictures but only weigh 36 pounds, have long legs and gorgeous markings. Liquid gold brown eyes that like to focus on you are my most handsome feature. And my ears. They curl at the tips and everyone loves how cute they are! My foster mom says I have a very sweet, gentle disposition and with proper handling, I am a dream dog that is easy to be with. I am a soft dog who needs a gentle hand filled with treats and loving pats that can help me learn all the new tricks to impress you! Just like people, I may take some time to warm up but once I do, I will melt your heart and am easy to spoil. She also says someone who loves to have FUN will want to be my forever friend. Is that you? Please fill out an adoption application!