#625 Jasmine

#625 Jasmine, Female, Under Six Months

Jasmine is a very sweet, affectionate, and playful 5 month old border collie mix who will quickly steal your heart. Jasmine loves playing with her toys. She loves tug toys and stuffed toys, but she’s not a big fan of chasing the ball. Jasmine is also happy to just lay by you and chew on an antler if you are busy. She loves to snuggle on the couch and is always happy to take a nap with you. Jasmine loves her walks and would do well with someone who likes to walk or hike.
Jasmine will bark at a stranger and then be kissing their face five seconds later. She likes to play with other dogs (we have two border collies) and does well with our cat.
Jasmine has a lot of puppy energy. When she gets excited, she tends to jump on you and sometimes playfully nip at you (if she gets plenty of exercise everyday, this is less of an issue). She is learning to sit instead of jumping if she wants to be petted. Because she has a tendency to jump and nip, we would not recommend her for a family with small children.
Jasmine is a smart puppy and a quick learner. She knows sit, down, stay (when she can still see you), shake, double high five, and comes when her name is called. Jasmine is doing very well on her potty training. She rings the bells on the door to go outside or cries at the door. She is very food driven and that helps with training her.
Jasmine has some separation anxiety. She would do best with someone who is home most of the time. Jasmine always wants to be in the same room as her people and will follow you from room to room. We are working on crate training.
Jasmine has completed her first year vaccinations and is on heartworm and flea preventative medicine. She currently weighs 25 pounds.
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