#599 Jango

#599 Jango, Male, Under Six Months

Hello! My name is Jango (Jango Fett if you really wanted to know) and I’m a fluffy ball of fun! ??
I am around 16 weeks old according to the vet and weighed in at 22.4lbs yesterday (4/1/19) so I’m a hunk of love! ?
Now you may look at my eyes and see they are a little unique looking, and you’re right! I was born due to the improper breeding of 2 merle Australian Shepherds and as a result, I am what is called a ‘Double Merle’ or ‘Lethal White syndrome’ and have slight vision and hearing impairments. But rest assured, it doesn’t slow me down (other than sometimes misjudging distance and running into the wall).
I am all okay and no rest. I love to learn proper playing techniques with my foster siblings, who all vary in age and size so I don’t think I’ll have much issue fitting in with your pack if you have one! I haven’t been cat tested but most likely would not do well as I can be rough sometimes.
I need a home with people who can be patient, kind and understanding of my needs. I need people who can love me and show me how to be a dog, while navigating the wonders of the world.
I would do best with at least one 4 legged sibling who can help teach me to be a dog and where my limits stand.