#666, Male, Adult

Hi! I’m Jackson – aka Diamond Jack (see the mark on top of my head?!) and affectionately, in some circles, known as Herbie.  I’ll answer to almost anything if there is loving petting, snuggling, cuddling, or toy on the other end! I am about 1 year old, neutered, healthy, and all boy even though my fur is soft and smooth as silk. Although my breed mix is not fully known, you can tell by the way I carry myself and my stunning tail that I must have such noble ancestors as Husky or Chows. Some of my Border Collie friends say I have the best Border Collie face in the world! I’m full grown at 55 pounds (my foster mom says I’m a little chunky and has me on a D-I-E-T) so I am certain not to get any bigger. I love, love, love to play. Toys. Ball, Fetch. Tag. Frisbee. Hide and Seek. Chase. ANYTHING that has me and you doing fun things together. When you get tired of playing, we can snuggle. I LOVE TO SNUGGLE! I settle down pretty easily, sleep all night in a crate, am really good taking care of all that other business outside as long as you get me outside regularly. I haven’t quite figured out how to TELL  you I want to go outside but we’re working on that! My foster mom wants me to ring a bell on the door to go out. I think the bell is a lot of fun to play tug with. She says we have a little work to do with that. I know some fun commands, especially if you have a treat (but only little treats because of that D-I-E-T madness). I know sit, down, stay, come, shake, and if you want me to jump up GENTLY to give you a hug, I know how to do that, too!

Did I mention I love to play? My dog friends need to be able to hold their own when I want to play so much that I don’t catch their cues to leave them alone. I want to play and play and play and sometimes get on other dog’s nerves. A strong dog who will patiently teach me to honor their cues would be really good for me. If another dog is impatient with me, we could have a little trouble being friends. I am only 1 year old so still have some puppy energy but it’s not over the top. If I have a forever dog friend, they will have to be ok with playing. A lot!

I think I like children. Especially if they like kisses and PLAYING. I’m a big boy so my playing may be a little too much (energy and weight) for really little children. The small children I have been around (only for a few minutes at a time and with a lot of supervision) were really fun and I liked them. Older children who know how to handle big dogs would be better.  I don’t know what it is like to live with cats or really small dogs. I think I might be too much for them because I want to PLAY more than they might enjoy.

If you are leaving the house and put me in a crate – I might cry (and bark) for a little while. But I will eventually settle down and nap until you come back. I’ll be rested and ready to play when you get home! I’m not afraid of my crate. I go in there at meal times and for special treats (chew bones!!) without complaint – and at night, I know it’s time to go in there to sleep. I think I just want to go with you when you leave (I’m REALLY GOOD in the car!) so I make a lot of noise to get you to come back and take me with you. But I do eventually chill out. I should warn you not to leave me outside by myself for a long time. I find interesting ways to entertain myself when I’m bored.

If you want a friend who would love to go everywhere with you, is polite in public, is great meeting strangers, loves people, and LOVES TO PLAY – I am your boy! Be prepared for people to stop you and talk about me, I’m exceptionally striking to look at and people will remember me after they see me just once!