#455 Jack

#455 Jack, Male, One Year Old

Jack is approximately 1 year old Border Collie / Lab mix. He is a healthy 60 pounds of smart, energetic, gentle, loving, puppy! Did we say ENERGETIC? Jack loves to run and would do great with an experienced owner or older dog to teach him the ropes.
There is definitely a Superstar in him that shines when he has had enough exercise and can slow down enough to focus (he is still a puppy!).

Jack demonstrates both Border Collie and Lab traits. He loves to run, loves to play with a dog strong enough to handle his puppy antics, and he shows the attentiveness to his people which is a much loved Border Collie trait. He has a very gentle, soft-mouth (Lab!) approach to people. He loves his peoples attention even more than he loves to play.

We aren’t sure how he is around young children but he does great with the older ones! Jack has been around cats, in-fact he currently lives with one on a “you stay on your side, I will stay here” basis. He doesn’t even bark at it!
Jack needs a home where he can spend most of his time inside unless outside with someone keeping him company! He does well in his crate for a few hours while his fosters are out. Jack responds very well to positive reinforcement, he will do just about whatever you ask for a treat!

Jack is now avaliable and located in Collin County, TX. Jack is house trained, learning basic commands, needs leash work and more training, crates and sleeps through the night, is neutered, up-to-date on shots, microchipped, and healthy! If he sounds like the dog for you and yours, please visit our website to complete an Adoption Application. Jack is ready for his furever home!