#732 Izzy, Female, Puppy

Hey!! HEY IT’S ME Izzy!!! I am 9 weeks old. I weigh 6 pounds but 4 pounds of that is just my fluff. I am an active, fun loving little puppy who tries to be fierce like a baby bear cub.
I’m as soft and fuzzy as new stuffed animal and as sweet as a cinnamon roll. I’m good with other dogs, I love toys and going for truck rides. I’m independent and love to explore the outside world.
I don’t mind if mom gets out of my sight. Sometimes she leaves the door open for me so I can come in and out as I please. I like bringing mom surprises from outside like sticks and leaves. And guess what!!! I HAVE A TAIL!!! I haven’t caught it yet but I’M GOING TO! My brothers, they have tails too!! I like to grab a hold of them and they drag me around like they can’t feel me but I know they can!
I can entertain myself when I need to and would make a great addition to any family. I am a little shy when I first meet you but don’t worry, I warm up and start bouncing around like a wild cotton tailed bunny! So get ready to meet me because I’m full of energy and I make time go by fast by my cute personality and playful attitude.
My momma is working on teaching me to potty outside and at night I go in my crate to sleep. I don’t mind my crate as long as I get plenty of play time in but boy is potty training hard.
I love getting kisses and being held close when I’m sleepy. I get bursts of energy and I can go as fast as lightning when I do my zoomies around the house. I’m good at making people smile and laugh at my cute antics. I may be small but I don’t let that stop me. My momma says I can be anything I want to be when I grow up because I’m so smart.
Here’s the catch, it’s a lot of work being so cute and smart so I love to take naps. Who doesn’t love naps!!!??? I’m currently being fostered outside of Houston Texas and am updated on my shots.
I know I’m only 9 weeks old but I have lived in 4 different homes. For a while I thought I was a waste of life. We didn’t have much to eat and for most of my life I have been covered in fleas. I itched so much and now I have bald spots in my hair. I didn’t know what it felt like to be flea-free so I just thought it was part of life. I know some people don’t follow the laws in these parts of Texas so after I was weened off my mom the man took us to a parking lot and gave my brothers and sisters away. No one picked me and I was left all alone with this man. I didn’t understand why no one wanted me. I sat there worried what the rest of my life was going to be like. After a short while a family came to talk to the man and they took me home. The nice lady told me they didn’t trust the man and felt like he was going to dump me on a back road. She told me I couldn’t stay with her but she wanted me to have a good life. I was then given away to two different people and ended up with my foster mom.
So here I am! A new life, I have a name and I’ve even seen a vet.  I’m flea-free and I have plenty of food to eat. I’m gaining weight and the vet says I’m healthy. Each day, I let my personality shine a little more. I’m waiting to meet my forever family so please Consider making me part of your family!
Don’t forget!! My name is IZZY!! My mom picked it out just for me. I hope to meet you soon so I can give you puppy kisses and snuggle.
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