#447 Holly

ADOPTED by The Roeming Family

UPDATE: Holly did so good at leave it! She did so good we didn’t even have to say it! She walked right past the many treats and toys! We are now learning stay, leave it, and right/left turns! Holly is kicking but despite her “disability!” Holly loves big dogs and would be amazing at going to hospitals! She loves the attention from people! She has also done amazing with little people and adults. She knows come and walks and runs on a lead! So if you are looking for a running partner she is the way to go! Holly does have some anxiety but, is getting over it quick. She had horrible car anxiety when we first brought her home (December 2nd 2018)but, now she is happy to find her way up into the seat! Holly loves going to new places! She also had horrible cage anxiety but, now she doesnt hesitate to go in there at all! Holly is loyal, she will constantly want your love! Holly loves bones and toys, she has not learned how to fetch yet but, when her foster siblings get to playing she doesn’t hesitate to play with. She also loves to run with them outside! Holly is approx. 3 yrs to 4yrs old! Holly is fully blind but, she does not let that challenge her!

UPDATE: The vet said holly is blind. She said that we could always go to osu vet school and they will check them out to see why she is blind. But, she believes it is her genetics. She thinks it’s the retina genetic disorder that is making her blind.

UPDATE: Holly is doing amazing with training! Tonight was our first official class and holly has alot of potential obedience wise! I do believe that she could go far in the obedience training world!

Miss Holly was found by a sweet couple at their wedding venue. She was in bad condition, and starving. They were kind enough to provide her shelter, and we are grateful to them!

It appears Holly could be partially blind, but further vet exams will tell us more. She is starting obedience training, and has really settled in to her foster home. She is estimated to be between 4 and 5 years old.

She is house trained, and using a doggy door. She has a mild temperament, but does enjoy playing with other large dogs. She’s a people-pleaser, and spends a lot of time checking to ensure you’re close. Holly loves to be loved!

Holly enjoys playing outdoors with her foster siblings, and does well with human kiddos as well. Overall Holly has great manners, and would love to find her forever home.

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