#604 Harley

#604 Harley, Male, Three Years Old

I am a 3 year old 40 lb. male Border Collie mix that loves to snuggle with you. I adore going for long walks and enjoy going to the dog park. My foster mom says that if she could describe the perfect dog it would be me! I sleep all night in my crate, ride nicely in the car, am mellow for a border collie, am smart and eager to please, play nicely with other dogs, and will take a break when told to. I am being neutered today and that will hopefully help me learn not to mark so much but I am listening to mom and have stopped marking in the house. I am also learning to not jump on people, I just get so excited to show you how much love I can offer. I learned sit right away and am working on other commands. Foster mom says whoever adopts me will hit the jackpot.
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